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Road Infrastructure And Transportation Security - A PIARC Technical Report

This report aims to provide elements for addressing security risks and risk management from criminal and terrorist threats in the various road topics affecting road infrastructure mentioned above, within the conceptual framework, definitions and terminologies provided by the international standards ISO 28000 and 31000. Among the techniques that can be used, risk assessment was chosen which includes risk identification, analysis and assessment phases, and selecting a consequence/liability pair and displaying them on a matrix according to the indications contained in the aforementioned international standards.
Once threats and risks from malicious acts are determined and prioritized, a common approach followed, aimed at mitigation strategy, accompanied by defence measures and proposals for specialized final recommendations for each addressed topic.
This document refers to the Report elaborated in the previous cycle by the PIARC Task Force C.1 "Security of Road Infrastructure", published in 2019.
This Report is also based significantly on a comprehensive Literature Review “PIARC TF 3.1 – Literature Review – Documents Relevant to Road Infrastructure and Transport Security”, developed by this Task Force and published by PIARC in 2022.

Information sheet

  • Date: 2023
  • Author(s): Groupe d'étude / Task Force / Grupo de estudio 2020-2023 3.1 Infrastructures routières et sûreté des transports / Road Infrastructure and Transport Security / La Infraestructura Vial y la Seguridad en el Transporte
  • Domain(s): Road Safety
  • Type: 2023R46EN - PIARC Technical Report
  • PIARC Ref.: 2023R46EN
  • ISBN: 978-2-84060-838-7
  • Number of pages: 215