Save Your Country's Roads

The full text of this PIARC pamphlet is on-line (PDF format, 650 Ko).

Building a road costs money. Without maintenance, the road deteriorates and transport costs soar. The economy suffers. Yet even small budgets make a difference.

This briefing is for those with the drive and the foresight to stop this waste. Because in many places, the need for action is not urgent - it's critical.

The briefing doesn't have all the answers, but it does show you:

  • how to recognise the problem?
  • how to get value for money?
  • who does what?
  • where next?

Ministers of Madagascar, Malaysia, Tanzania and Uruguay accepted to support the launching of this road policy pamphlet in the following words:

  • "Raises awareness and is a useful guide for decision making"
  • "Excellent advice to Ministers and decision makers"
  • "Precise and concise"
  • "A cry to save investment"

This small booklet is disseminated free of charge on request sent to:
DFID Public Enquiry Point
94 Victoria Street LONDON SW1E 5JL Royaume-Uni
Tel : +44 1355 84 3132 - Fax : +44 1355 84 3632
E-mail : - w :

Information sheet

  • Domain(s) : General
  • ISBN : 1-86-192181-0
  • Price non-members: Gratuit

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