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PIARC (World Road Association), founded in 1909 and comprising 125 member governments from all over the world, is the global forum for exchange of knowledge and experience on roads, road transport policies and practices. With consultative status to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, the Association is contributing to a stable and sustainable global development of the road and transport sector.

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PIARC Road Safety Knowledge Exchange - Special Project

PIARC has an active role in the efforts to improve road safety worldwide through evidence-based studies, technical reports and other type knowledge products. PIARC Technical Committee 3.1 “Road Safety” recognises that 90% of traffic deaths occur in Low- and Middle-Income Countries, and uses this information to assess, identify and share best practices of road safety activities for LMICs through the development of documents and cases studies highlighting international practices and lessons learned. This Technical Committee is focused on making proven countermeasures that are effective in reducing the likelihood and severity of crashes, available to LMICs for consideration in safety project development.

PIARC’s long experience of these issues has enabled it to accumulate a considerable documentary base on the subject, through numerous technical reports and even more through its «Online Road Safety Manual» (https://roadsafety.piarc.org/fr).

Two webinars, held on 5 and 15 September 2023 and attended by more than 500 registrants, provided an opportunity to learn more about the implementation of safe infrastructure, the design and operation of road tunnels, speed management, the collection and analysis of road safety data, management, human behaviour, vulnerable road users and vehicles. Their recommendations will help to develop expertise in road safety and to adopt the «Safe System» approach to reducing fatal and serious accidents on the road network.#

This document reflects the wealth of information provided during these webinars.

Information sheet

  • Date: 2023
  • Author(s): PIARC / National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) / Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT)
  • Domain(s): Road Safety
  • Type: 2023SP01EN - Special Project
  • PIARC Ref.: 2023SP01
  • ISBN: 978-2-84060-787-8
  • Number of pages: 17