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International Symposium on Subdrainage in Roadway Pavements and Subgrades

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As is common knowledge in the transportation community, proper functioning of roadways is largely dependent on adequate drainage, both at the surface and in the subsurface. The accumulation of excessive water under pavements typically results in a reduced bearing capacity, leading to distress and premature failure of pavements. Drainage-related problems usually manifest themselves as pavement rutting, cracking, and increased road roughness.

The World Road Association (PIARC) Committee on Earthworks, Drainage, and Subgrade (C12) identified practical issues associated with the design, construction, and maintenance of roadway subsurface drainage systems within the formal scope of the "water movements" area of priority research selected for the 1996-1999 operating period.

The principal output from this study was the International Symposium on Subdrainage in Roadway Pavements and Subgrades, held on November 11-13, 1998 in Granada, Spain. The symposium was organized by the Spanish National Committee of PIARC, with the technical assistance from the members of C-12 Committee. The main objective of the symposium was to examine the practical issues of design, construction, and maintenance of roadway subsurface drainage systems. A significant portion of the symposium was devoted to the fundamental issues of internal distribution and movement of pore water, and its effect on mechanical performance of pavements and subgrades. The associated problem of pollution control was also addressed. Particular emphasis was placed on incorporating the results of recent studies on partially saturated materials into practical road engineering solutions. Each of the four symposium sessions began with a presentation by a specialist in the subject area, who subsequently moderated the session.

The proceedings of the International Symposium on Subgrade in Roadway Pavements and Subgrades were compiled in November 1998. All the papers that were accepted are included and available for 80 USD (mailing cost not included) at:

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Information sheet

  • Date: 2000
  • Author(s): Comité technique 12 Terrassements, Drainage, Couche de Forme / Technical Committee 12 Earthworks, Drainage, Subgrade
  • Domain(s): Road Pavements / Road Earthworks
  • Type: Bilingual English - French
  • PIARC Ref.: 12.08.BEN