The Use of Roller Compacted Concrete for Roads

Regarding its use for pavements, roller compacted concrete (RCC), could be considered as a hybrid between cement treated granular material and vibrated concrete. Indeed, RCC pavements can carry traffic directly on the finished surface, a possibility not offered by cement treated bases.

Its simple implementation, easy construction, reduced labour requirements and high production rates result in considerable savings in comparison with other alternatives. Moreover, and considering their use for strengthening existing pavements, RCC pavements offer the immediate opening to traffic, due to the stability of the aggregate structure after compaction.

As it may be expected, RCC pavements have currently some drawbacks. Surface evenness achieved with the existing equipment is not yet satisfactory for a high speed use. In addition, construction must be carefully monitored, since RCC performance is rather sensitive to moisture variations as well as to inadequate compaction.

Information sheet

  • Date : 1993
  • Author(s) : Comité technique 7 Routes en Béton / Technical Committee 7 Concrete Roads
  • Domain(s) : Road Pavements
  • PIARC Ref. : 07.05.BEN
  • ISBN : 2-84060-004-8
  • Number of pages : 64
  • Price member: Epuisé / Out of print / Agotado

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