Publication sheet

Leightweight Filling Materials

  • Date : 1997
  • Author(s) : Comité technique 12 Terrassements, Drainage, Couche de Forme / Technical Committee 12 Earthworks, Drainage, Subgrade
  • Domain(s) : Road Earthworks
  • ISBN : 2-84060-045-5
  • Number of pages : 288
  • Members : Epuisé / Out of print

This document presents various lightweight filling materials for different applications in road construction. Details are given regarding material properties, design considerations, specifications related to the construction, pavement structure, environmental considerations if any, availability and economy.

Practical use in particular projects are exemplified by various case histories from different countries. References are also given to documents where further details may be obtained.

Since the obvious solution to problems related to bearing capacity and settlement characteristics of weak subsoils is to reduce the load if possible, the use of lightweight filling materials is believed to represent an important factor in solving such problems in road construction.

English Version:
Leightweight Filling Materials

French version:
Matériaux légers pour remblais