Marginal Materials - State of the art

Three PIARC Technical Committees have devoted part of their preliminary work to the XVIIIth Congress (Brussels, 1987) to the use of marginal materials in road technology: Technical Committee on Testing of Road Materials, Technical Committee on Flexible Roads, Technical Committee on Earthworks, Drainage, Subgrade.

The first part of the document concerns the use of marginal materials in earthworks and subgrade.

The second part deals with the use of marginal materials in the construction of flexible pavements.

The third and last part proposes a classification of marginal materials according to their nature and their origin. From a wide international enquiry, information is thus provided for each material on: type (aggregate or binder), country of use, situation within the pavement, climate, tests made, standards and specifications.

Information sheet

  • Date: 1989
  • Author(s): Comité technique 2 Essais de matériaux routiers / Technical Committee 2 Testing of Road Materials
  • Domain(s): Road Pavements / Road Earthworks
  • Type: Bilingual English - French
    Published in 1989
    You can find this report in CD-ROUTE
  • PIARC Ref.: 02.04.BEN
  • Number of pages: 112

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