Compiled by the World Road Association (PIARC) Committee on Intelligent Transport, ITS Handbook 2000 provides a full review of operational tests and early deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) in various countries around the world. This unique reference delivers evaluation results and lessons learned from today's pioneers of tomorrow's ITS. Inside are the ideas and solutions currently being implemented to address problems of congestion, traffic accidents, planning for and funding of infrastructure improvements, and the environmental impact of surface transportation. This book features practical data from 15 case studies and 23 country profiles, plus evidence collected from PIARC surveys, workshops, and on-going Internet dialogue. The PIARC Committee on Intelligent Transport (C16) was created in 1996 and chaired by Christine Johnson, Director, ITS, Joint Program Office, FHWA (USA). C16 members from 30 countries have examined ITS concepts, functions, and system requirements, institutional issues related to ITS development, and evaluation of ITS costs, benefits, and performance. Kan Chen (University of Michigan) and John C. Miles (British consultant) edited the ITS Handbook 2000. The French version was revised by Claude Caubet (SETRA, a Road Directorate Office, France).

Members of PIARC C16
Executive Summary
What is ITS?
How Does ITS Work?
What Does ITS Do for Me?
How Do I Plan and Finance ITS?
How Do I Launch ITS?
What About Transitional Countries?

No longer for sale. Was published in 2000 by

Artech House Books

Information sheet

  • Date : 2000
  • Author(s) : Comité technique 16 Exploitation des réseaux / Technical Committee 16 Network Operations
  • Domain(s) : Road Network Operations
  • PIARC Ref. : 16.01.BEN
  • ISBN : 1-58053-103-2
  • Number of pages : 436
  • Price member: Epuisé / Out of print / Agotado

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