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The fifth French/English edition of the Dictionary (1982) was used for its translation into fifteen other languages: Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Slovak. Each of these cross-referenced versions takes up the numbering of the basic Dictionary; some versions also include English and French terms; other versions cannot be used without this Dictionary because they do not contain English/French terms (but only the numbering).

The sixth edition (1990) was translated into Arabic, Czech, Greek, Lithuanian, Slovak, Spanish and Portuguese.

The seventh edition (1997) was translated into Hungarian, Latvian, Romanian and Vietnamese.

Each of the cross-referenced Dictionaries can be ordered from the corresponding PIARC National Committee when there is one, or else from the official PIARC correspondents in the countries concerned. The Dictionaries in Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Japanese, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish can be ordered from PIARC at the same price as the basic Dictionary.

  • Arabic-English-French (1991 - 224 pages), 96.02.X
  • Chinese-English-French (1989 - 116 pages), 95.06.X - Out of print
  • Spanish-English-French (1991 - 190 pages) Latin-American specific terms included, 96.01.X - Out of print
  • Greek-English-French-German (1992 - 200 pages), 96.07.X
  • Hungarian-English-French, 97.16.X
  • Japanese-English-French-German (1989 - 162 pages), 95.04.X
  • Latvian-English-French (1999 - 156 pages), 97.15.X - Out of print
  • Lithuanian (1994 - 126 pages) (to be used with the English-French Dictionary), 97.10.X
  • Polish-English-French-German (1986 - 181 pages), 95.09.X - Out of print
  • Portuguese-English-French (1991 - 104 pages), 96.05.X
  • Russian (1987 - 124 pages) (to be used with the English-French Dictionary), 95.03.X
  • Czech-Slovak- English-French-German (1996 - 210 pages), 96.12.X - Out of print
  • Vietnamese-English-French (1999 - 232 pages), 97.14.X

Information sheet

  • Domain(s) : Terminology
  • PIARC Ref. : DICO autres languesEN

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