Covid-19 and PIARC: a Pool of Shared Experience

At PIARC, we are firm believers in the vital importance of sharing knowledge worldwide. We are also convinced that the roads and the road transport sector, and the organisations and professionals who manage them, provide an essential service. Indeed, they have demonstrated their amazing resilience and their ability to move people and essential goods safely, even in the midst of a pandemic. This is why in March 2020, a small group of our international experts decided to take the initiative and started organizing knowledge-sharing webinars. The aim was to provide a platform for road practitioners all over the world to voice their concerns and to share ideas and examples about how best to cope with Covid-19 and its many consequences and support road agencies in maintaining mission-critical operations.

  • Information sheet

    • Date: 2021
    • Author(s): MALLEJACQ Patrick / XENOPHONTOS Christos S.
    • Domain(s): Risk Management
    • Type: RR390 - FEATURES
    • PIARC Ref.: RR390-023
    • Number of pages: 1
  • This article has been published in the Routes/Roads magazine

    N° 390

    3e trimestre 2021 / Septembre

    Routes et Covid-19

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