Contribution to the improvement of the general guidelines for the development, construction / reconstruction, rehabilitation and maintenance of the Trans-African Highway network - (Annex II) (only in French)

This report is a review, for the purpose of improvement, of Annex II entitled "General Guidelines for the Planning, Construction/Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Maintenance of the Transfrician Highway Network" of the African Union Intergovernmental Agreement for the Harmonization of Norms and Standards on the Trans-African Highway Network.

To this end, the following specific objectives have been set:

  • Examine the conformity of the standards contained in the document in comparison with the different standards practiced in the various regions of the continent;
  • Conduct discussions on the standards set out in the document;
  • Make proposals for improvements, with reasons, if necessary;
  • Produce a document to be submitted to the African Union Commission;
  • Propose a mechanism for its dissemination and appropriation by the structures in charge of road infrastructure in the Member States of the Union.

Information sheet

  • Date : 2019
  • Author(s) : Groupe de travail AGEPAR AIPCR Working Group PIARC AGEPAR
  • Domain(s) : Rural Roads / Road Pavements / Road Earthworks
  • PIARC Ref. : 2019R06EN

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