Environmental impact of practices and storage protocols relative to deicing agents

The scope of this study is to learn more about the impact of storing sodium chloride-type deicing agents on the natural environment while assessing the environmental impact of the most recent "best practices" (e.g. management mode, investment) in an effort to minimize the loss of deicing agents. The conclusions seek to set forth practical and quantitative guidelines to managing such sites more optimally. The data generated as part of this study may thus help guide, prioritize and justify future investments.

  • Information sheet

    • Date: 2019
    • Author(s): BURGHGRAEVE Ludovic
    • Domain(s): Environment / Winter Service
    • Type: RR380 - FEATURES
    • PIARC Ref.: RR380-043
    • Number of pages: 6
  • This article has been published in the Routes/Roads magazine

    N° 380

    1e trimestre 2019 / Mars


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