Evaluating Countermeasures Against Heavy Snowfall Affecting Road Traffic in Japan

This article evaluates socioeconomic losses relating to road traffic during major snowfalls, taking into consideration snow removal operations and timeline differences, and it checks the validity of the methods and timing of snow countermeasures currently being implemented. By doing so, it aims to help build a better snow removal system and to minimize losses due to major snowfalls.

  • Information sheet

    • Date: 2018
    • Author(s): SAITOU Takayoshi / TAKEMOTO Norimichi / OMATA Motoyoshi / KIYASU Kazuhide
    • Domain(s): Winter Service
    • PIARC Ref.: RR377-039
    • Number of pages: 5
  • This article has been published in the Routes/Roads magazine

    N° 377

    2e trimestre 2018 / Juin

    Viabilité hivernale

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