Publication sheet

Communication with road users in winter conditions

  • Date : 2013
  • Author(s) : Comité technique AIPCR B.5 Viabilité hivernale / PIARC Technical Report B.5 Winter maintenance
  • Domain(s) : Winter Service
  • PIARC Ref. : 2013R03EN
  • ISBN : 978-2-84060-313-9
  • Number of pages : 50

This report is based on the answers to a survey from 25 countries or state agencies. It addresses the following sub-topics:

  • informing road users about changeable road/traffic conditions;
  • usage of on-road installed devices for informing road users bout changeable road/traffic conditions;
  • individual inquiries of road users in order to get information about changeable road/traffic conditions;
  • feedback from road users concerning road/traffic conditions;
  • communication with road users during extraordinary winter road conditions;
  • road/traffic information aimed for winter pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and motorists of all-terrain vehicles;
  • education of drivers and travelers to be active in inquiring of driving condition information;
  • interpretation of road/traffic information for foreigners.

In addition, appendices provide information on websites, public telephone numbers and E-mail addresses dedicated to road/traffic information in the different countries and states which responded to the survey.

English Version:
Communication with road users in winter conditions

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French version:
Communication avec l'usager de la route en conditions hivernales

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