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  • Damage-Resilient Bridges in Seismic Areas

    Resilient Infrastructure is the fourth Strategic Theme defined by PIARC in the 2020-2023 Strategic Plan. During this cycle, Technical Committee 4.2 Road Bridges was assigned 5 issues. The fifth issue, titled “Damage-Resilient Bridges in Seismic Areas”, was consistent with the fourth Strategic Theme, [...]

    • Date : 2022
    • PIARC Ref. : 2022R32EN
    • ISBN : 978-2-84060-731-1
  • Road Bridges - New Rehabilitation Materials and Technologies

    Every country around the world need to manage and to rehabilitate his bridge stock. The latter may be old (for example about 60 years or more in Europe) or very young (about 15 years for example in new high-income countries but not only). Therefore, the needs for rehabilitation of an aging bridge stock [...]

    • Date : 2022
    • Pages : 348
    • PIARC Ref. : 2022R23EN
    • ISBN : 978-2-84060-709-0
  • Advancement of Inspection Techniques / Technologies as a Part of Bridge Management Systems - A PIARC Collection of Study Cases

    Bridge inspections form an essential basis for the maintenance management of bridges and engineering structures. New technologies such as remote sensing and the use of a variety of sensors have the potential to significantly improve the quality of the results of structural inspections, but due to a [...]

    • Date : 2022
    • Pages : 127
    • PIARC Ref. : 2022R20EN
    • ISBN : 978-2-84060-705-2
  • Bridge Design Toward Improved Inspection And Maintenance

    The principle of designing bridges while having in mind the future inspections and maintenance has often been overlooked in the past, when in the design stage greater emphasis was placed on firstly fulfilling just the "initial requirements" of the bridge – mainly structural safety and serviceability [...]

    • Date : 2019
    • Pages : 98
    • PIARC Ref. : 2019R37EN
    • ISBN : 978-2-84060-574-4
  • Damage and Deterioration Assessment Decision-Making for Highway Bridge Safety

    Bridge owners in most countries routinely assess bridge damage and deterioration to ensure the safety of the traveling public and appropriately manage the service life of a bridge. While in service, bridge owners discover damage or deterioration under two main circumstances. Firstly, damage or deterioration [...]

    • Date : 2019
    • Pages : 66
    • PIARC Ref. : 2019R28EN
    • ISBN : 978-2-84060-562-1
  • Technical and Economic Considerations of Bridge Rehabilitation Methods

    Bridge owners who have to manage their bridge stock are concerned with bridge deficiencies. The main concerns are the degradation of bridge elements due to ageing, accident, and other factors. This is evaluated by the bridge condition index. But bridge owners also have to manage the evolution in the [...]

    • Date : 2019
    • Pages : 92
    • PIARC Ref. : 2019R29EN
    • ISBN : 978-2-84060-563-8
  • Inspections and Damage Assessment Techniques - Case Studies

    The PIARC TC D.3 Bridges Technical Committee is publishing a worldwide compilation of case studies as examples for bridge owners in making critical decisions to ensure the safety of the traveling public during a bridge incident caused by damage and deterioration. This case study compilation has 28 worldwide [...]

    • Date : 2018
    • Pages : 218
    • PIARC Ref. : 2018CS01EN
    • ISBN : 978-2-84060-492-1
  • Adaptation of road bridges to climate change

    Climate change has now become a global issue of concern and it is for this reason that PIARC has incorporated it into the strategic themes and technical committees for the term 2012-2015. Higher levels of carbon dioxide as part of greenhouse gas emissions are being released resulting in heat being trapped [...]

    • Date : 2016
    • Pages : 14
    • PIARC Ref. : 2017R03EN
    • ISBN : 978-2-84060-466-2
  • Risk-based management of the bridge stock

    In the past, the Technical Committee 4.3 Road bridges reviewed the bridge management systems implemented in several countries and advised a revision of the management of bridges based on risks (Management of bridge stock 2011 - report ISBN 2-84060-238-5). This report aims to provide some answers with [...]

    • Date : 2016
    • Pages : 39
    • PIARC Ref. : 2016R05EN
    • ISBN : 978-2-84060-381-8
  • Estimation of load carrying capacity of bridges based on damage and deficiency

    Based on the answers from 18 road authorities in 16 countries this report examines the extent to which an estimation of the load bearing capacity of road bridges is made based on damage and deficiency. The report firstly examines the Codes/Directives/Manuals used for the estimation of the load carrying [...]

    • Date : 2016
    • Pages : 156
    • PIARC Ref. : 2016R02EN
    • ISBN : 978-2-84060-366-5
  • New repair and rehabilitation methods for road bridges

    In many countries, the average age of the road bridges stock is over fifty years, and a large number of the bridges are not in good condition. The economic issue leads to the search for innovative solutions to extend the service life of the bridges and rehabilitate them in the most cost-effective way. [...]

    • Date : 2015
    • Pages : 112
    • PIARC Ref. : 2015R02EN
    • ISBN : 978-2-84060-359-7
  • Road bridges improvement of durability in design and construction

    This 62-page report compiled by Technical Committee 4.4 has sought to pool the experience of the members ofthe committee in respect of current design and construction philosophy in identifying and responding to perceived durability problems of engineering structures. A questionnaire was formulated [...]

    • Date : 2013
    • Pages : 62
    • PIARC Ref. : 2012R34EN
    • ISBN : 978-2-84060-302-3
  • Increase the durability and lifetime of existing bridges

    The scope of this study is to present a library of examples on methods of minimizing the maintenance or repair cost or the traffic restrictions through increasing the durability and lifetime of existing bridges or structure components. 49 examples from Europe, Japan, New Zealand, North America and South [...]

    • Date : 2012
    • Pages : 56
    • PIARC Ref. : 2012R33EN
    • ISBN : 978-2-84060-301-6
  • Prioritisation of bridge rehabilitation works

    The challenge in bridge management is to ensure that all bridges in a road network remain fit for their intended purpose over their design life and beyond at minimum life cycle cost. The bridge rehabilitation prioritisation process is part of the entire road infrastructure management task and bridge [...]

    • Date : 2012
    • Pages : 58
    • PIARC Ref. : 2012R32EN
    • ISBN : 978-2-84060-300-9
  • Inspector accreditation, non-destructive testing and condition assessment for bridges

    In the area of bridge inspector accreditation, this report reviews and compares the characteristics and qualifications required in various countries. It provides information on training courses, how they are organized, the content of courses, and their duration in order to obtain accreditation as a [...]

    • Date : 2012
    • Pages : 253
    • PIARC Ref. : 2011R07EN
    • ISBN : 2-84060-240-7
  • Management of bridge stock

    This report presents the results of a survey, to which 16 bridge operators from 11 countries responded, about the management of their bridge stock. The first set of questions deals with the nature of the bridge stock, the management programmes, and the funds allocated yearly for bridge management [...]

    • Date : 2012
    • Pages : 90
    • PIARC Ref. : 2011R05EN
    • ISBN : 2-84060-238-5
  • Adaptation to climate change for bridges

    Climate change has now become a global issue of concern and it is for this reason that the World Road Association has incorporated it into the strategic themes for the term 2008-2011. Higher levels of carbon-dioxide as part of greenhouse gas emissions are being released resulting in heat being trapped [...]

    • Date : 2011
    • Pages : 68
    • PIARC Ref. : 2011R08EN
    • ISBN : 2-84060-241-5
  • Large road bridges: management, assessment, inspection, innovative maintenance techniques

    This report deals with the organisation of the management of large bridges, the monitoring systems used on large bridges and specific aspects of the maintenance. It is based on the answers received to a questionnaire disseminated through the World Road Association TC D3 members to owners and managers [...]

    • Date : 2011
    • Pages : 92
    • PIARC Ref. : 2011R06EN
    • ISBN : 2-84060-239-3

    Minimum Equipment Required CD-ROUTE can be used on PC (386 at least, Windows 3.1, 95 & NT) and Macintosh® (68020 at least), Power Mac®, Mac OS version 7. Minimum equipment required: 16 Mo RAM, a hard disk and a 14'' colour screen (256 colours or more). The program is very easy to install. [...]

    • Date : 2000
  • Asset Management in relation to Bridge Management

    The interest for integrated management of all network assets (pavement, bridges, etc) i.e. Asset Management (AM) is increasing all over the world. The scope of this state-of-the-art study is to investigate the degree of implementation, the ideas or philosophies, the management processes and the technical [...]

    • Date : 2004
    • Pages : 120
    • PIARC Ref. : 11.11.BEN
    • ISBN : 2-84060-167-2
  • Cathodic Repair of Bridge Decks

    This report deals with cathodic protection as a system for preventing or stopping corrosion in ordinary and post-tensioned reinforced concrete structures, without taking into consideration any other aspects not strictly related to the protection itself of the rebars. The corrosion of concrete rebars [...]

    • Date : 1991
    • Pages : 96
    • PIARC Ref. : 11.04.BEN
  • Comparison Study on Bridge Management Activities

    C11 has made a study which presents and compares the performance of activities, such as inventory and inspections, in different countries or regions. The survey studied the following activities: characteristics of structures, inventory, inspections, priority ranking of works, carrying out of operation, [...]

    • Date : 2004
    • Pages : 136
    • PIARC Ref. : 11.12.BEN
    • ISBN : 2-84060-169-9
  • Containment Devices on Road Bridges

    Drafted by the PIARC Technical Committee on Road Bridges, this report deals with the study of equipment on the outer side of road bridges, i.e. located between the carriageway and the free edge, whose function is to ensure safety of users and frontagers. The report has used the replies to a survey [...]

    • Date : 1991
    • Pages : 100
    • PIARC Ref. : 11.01.BEN
  • Drainage of Water on Road Bridges

    An international inquiry carried out by the PIARC Technical Committee on Road Bridges has made it possible to collect information on current practice in nineteen countries for water drainage from road bridges (Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, France, India, Israel, Italy, [...]

    • Date : 1991
    • Pages : 176
    • PIARC Ref. : 11.02.BEN
  • Indicators for Bridge Performance and Prioritization of Bridge Actions

    Bridge management systems have been developed by many countries to serve as a tool to track inventory data and analyze maintenance and improvement needs for existing bridges. It has been previously identified in the 1996 C11 Committee report entitled Towards an Indicator of the Health Conditions of [...]

    • Date : 2003
    • Pages : 80
    • PIARC Ref. : 11.13.BEN
    • ISBN : 2-84060-161-3