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  • Road Related Data and How to Use it

    The management of road infrastructure has been experiencing major changes over the past decade, mostly due to the increased demand from road users, the increased deterioration of road infrastructure and from the evolution of user expectations. In addition, new challenges such as climate change and emerging [...]

    • Date : 2020
    • Pages : 162
    • PIARC Ref. : 2020SP02
    • ISBN : 978-2-84069-627-7
  • The Contribution of Road Transport to Sustainability and Economic Development

    Road transport and road infrastructures are keys to the evolution and prosperity of modern society. Connecting people and places, goods and services in safe, efficient and sustainable way is essential for creating and maintaining sustainable and inclusive growth across society and the economy. This [...]

    • Date : 2020
    • Pages : 55
    • PIARC Ref. : 2020SP01
    • ISBN : 978-2-84060-624-6
  • Positive Energy Roads

    Transport infrastructure, and particularly road infrastructure, is critical to the economic growth of countries and as such attracts significant investment. The social and economic benefits of providing road infrastructure are well documented, but it is increasingly being recognised that the processes [...]

    • Date : 2019
    • Pages : 128
    • PIARC Ref. : 2019SP01
    • ISBN : 978-2-84060-546-1
  • Electric road systems: a solution for the future?

    It is looking increasing likely that electric vehicles will play a major role in the future of road transport. While commercial electric vehicles exist their uptake has been limited due to high purchase costs, limited battery range, and a lack of charging convenience. Furthermore, while developments [...]

    • Date : 2018
    • Pages : 100
    • PIARC Ref. : 2018SP04
  • Investigating Unpredicted Infrastructure Failure

    This report is an outcome of PIARC mechanism for Special Projects, which is PIARC instrument to respond quickly to emerging issues for PIARC member countries. This report provides a review of 15 Unpredicted Infrastructure Failure (UIF) case studies that have been collated from around the world. For [...]

    • Date : 2018
    • Pages : 51
    • PIARC Ref. : 2018SP01
  • PIARC Databook of Roads and Road Transport (2014-2018)

    Currently road administrations of many countries face austerities and have to tackle some difficult issues: investing on extension of road network, maintenance and rehabilitation of existing aged roads, prompt recovery of road operation from the damage caused by large-scale disasters, and creation of [...]

    • Date : 2018
    • Pages : 62
    • PIARC Ref. : 2018SP02
    • ISBN : 978-2-84060-491-4
  • The Use of Unmanned Aerial Systems for Road Infrastructure

    From Canada to Tanzania, transportation agencies are using unmanned aerial systems (UASs), also known as drones, to collect data, design and construct road infrastructure, inspect bridges, monitor roads for avalanche and mudslide dangers, identify flood damage risks in urban areas, reconstruct crash [...]

    • Date : 2018
    • Pages : 115
    • PIARC Ref. : 2018SP03
  • International climate change adaptation framework for road infrastructure

    Actions undertaken to mitigate the negative effects of climate change on road networks have varied from one country to another. They include legal, regulatory and institutional measures; promoting other transport modes; introducing new, green technologies; undertaking permanent supervision of embankments [...]

    • Date : 2015
    • Pages : 88
    • PIARC Ref. : 2015R03
    • ISBN : 978-2-84060-362-7

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