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  • Management of Bridges in Australasian and African Countries

    This report presents the results of the questionnaire disseminated by PIARC Committee C11 in 2000, respectively to Australasian countries and to African countries, in view of the seminars scheduled. The aim was to gather information in order to have a better knowledge of the bridge management in these [...]

    • Date : 2005
    • Pages : 112
    • PIARC Ref. : 11.16.BEN
    • ISBN : 2-84060-181-8
  • Management of Post-tensioned Grouted Duct Bridges

    Post-tensioned concrete bridges, which were pioneered in France, but soon taken up by the engineers in other advanced countries, have proven to be increasingly popular as an economically competitive and safe form of construction. With the introduction of many innovative techniques within a relatively [...]

    • Date : 2000
    • Pages : 184
    • PIARC Ref. : 11.08.BEN
    • ISBN : 2-84060-125-7
  • Reliability-Based Assessment of Highway Bridges

    Many countries around the world are currently facing increasing demands on their resources for the maintenance of their existing bridges. Many of these bridges were built long ago and are inadequate for modern traffic requirements while others are showing serious deterioration resulting from the application [...]

    • Date : 1999
    • Pages : 184
    • PIARC Ref. : 11.10.BEN
    • ISBN : 2-84060-101-X
  • Repair of Bridges under Traffic

    It has been recognized that in many countries a considerable practical experience on repair of bridges under traffic was available. This report gathers 33 case histories of projects from practice dealing with many different aspects of bridge inspection, maintenance, repair, strengthening and renewal [...]

    • Date : 1991
    • Pages : 416
    • PIARC Ref. : 11.03.BEN
  • Socio-Economic Demands and Modifications of Bridges

    Bridges provide vital links in the road network. Bridges are one of the network elements that require the most attention because the investment in bridges represents approximately thirty percent of the total investment. Road users, road owners and other interested parties - in the following referred [...]

    • Date : 2000
    • Pages : 292
    • PIARC Ref. : 11.07.BEN
    • ISBN : 2-84060-134-6
  • Study on Rehabilitation Actions on Concrete Bridges

    It is essential to apply adequate rehabilitation methods when damage or deficiency is revealed by inspection. Since bridge structures suffer various kinds of deterioration and damages, many kinds of rehabilitation and strengthening methods have been developed. The objective of this sub-topic is to provide [...]

    • Date : 2004
    • Pages : 144
    • PIARC Ref. : 11.15.BEN
    • ISBN : 2-84060-180-X
  • Towards an Indicator of the Health Condition of Bridges

    The survey was carried out to clarify the present conditions and trends of the management of bridges currently in service by collecting knowledge and information on bridge management in various countries. The results of the survey can then be used to improve inspection and diagnosis techniques. The [...]

    • Date : 1996
    • Pages : 152
    • PIARC Ref. : 11.05.BEN
    • ISBN : 2-84060-039-0
  • Towards Performance Management of Bridges (and other Structures)

    The aim of this report is to discuss about the introduction of economical criteria in bridge management, in addition to usual technical criteria. It comprises two parts: Part 1: a presentation of actual practices in PIARC Committee 11 Member countries in the field of bridge management, based on [...]

    • Date : 2003
    • Pages : 100
    • PIARC Ref. : 11.14.BEN
    • ISBN : 2-84060-162-1
  • Types of structures Selected for new Bridges

    New bridges are usually considered as long term investments. Therefore they should be designed to comply not only with the demands on trafficability and durability of today, but also with the future demands. For the road manager the goal should be to find solutions which fulfil present and future demands [...]

    • Date : 1996
    • Pages : 172
    • PIARC Ref. : 11.06.BEN
    • ISBN : 2-84060-040-4
  • Use of Innovative Materials for Bridge Construction and Repair

    The management of bridges is greatly affected by the material used in their construction as well as for repairs and maintenance, with regard to requirements of performance, durability and quality. In order to obtain a better understanding of the availability and development of innovative materials [...]

    • Date : 2001
    • Pages : 192
    • PIARC Ref. : 11.09.BEN
    • ISBN : 2-84060-137-0