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  • PIARC Catalogue of design safety problems and potential countermeasures

    This catalogue presents a set of commonly design errors and suggests a range of measures to overcome them; it also gives an indication of the comparative countermeasure costs to facilitate prioritisation of the work. The catalogue can be used both as a proactive safety tool to ensure the design faults [...]

    • Date : 2009
    • Pages : 169
    • PIARC Ref. : 2009R07EN
    • ISBN : 2-84060-227-X
  • Road Safety Manual

    After six years of diligent work led by the PIARC Technical Committee on Road Safety, this reference publication compiles the experience from different countries; it presents state-of-the-art information and guidance for the design and operation of road infrastructure in order to increase road safety. [...]

    • Date : 2004
    • Pages : 603
    • PIARC Ref. : 13.03.B - Manuel de sécurité routièreEN
  • Overview of winter maintenance contracts

    Road transportation has increased considerably in the past few decades and winter maintenance has become a public service activity of vital importance to the economy. Many production activities are organized with reduced inventories and just-in-time policies have developed considerably, resulting in [...]

    • Date : 2009
    • Pages : 123
    • PIARC Ref. : 2009R01EN
    • ISBN : 2-84060-220-2
  • Human factors and road tunnel safety regarding users

    This report aims to improve the understanding of user behaviour in road tunnels in both normal and critical situations and to provide recommendations for tunnel design and operation. After an introduction of the human decision process, the report presents observations of the behaviour of tunnel users [...]

    • Date : 2008
    • Pages : 193
    • PIARC Ref. : 2008R17EN
    • ISBN : 2-84060-218-0
  • Urban road tunnels - Recommendations to managers and operating bodies for design, management, operation and maintenance

    Urban road tunnels are unique in terms of traffic characteristics (high volume, congestion during commuter periods, wide variety of vehicles, high percentage of buses, etc.), infrastructural design, difficulty of closing and urban environment. Recommendations are presented to managers and operating [...]

    • Date : 2008
    • Pages : 110
    • PIARC Ref. : 2008R15EN
    • ISBN : 2-84060-216-4
  • Human factors guidelines for safer road infrastructure

    It is well known, that human factors have an enormous influence on the safe handling of technical systems. Human factors can be described as people's contributions to damaging events. It is the generic term for those psychological and physiological patterns, which are verified to contribute to operational [...]

    • Date : 2008
    • Pages : 110
    • PIARC Ref. : 2008R18EN
    • ISBN : 2-84060-215-6
  • Mitigation of negative impacts of increased movement of freight

    Roads remain the predominant mode of transport for freight in the world. The negative impacts are often stigmatized and the concern for sustainable development requires in particular, promotion of mitigation measures. This report provides an overview of initiatives, research projects and recent technical [...]

    • Date : 2008
    • Pages : 175
    • PIARC Ref. : 2008R13EN
    • ISBN : 2-84060-213-X
  • Road tunnels: an assessment of fixed fire fighting systems

    The report reviews: the previous studies on this topic carried out by PIARC and the recent developments since the release of the PIARC report on this subject in 1999; the lessons drawn from the past fires and holistic approach to fixed fire fighting systems (FFFS); consideration of FFFS in the [...]

    • Date : 2008
    • Pages : 79
    • PIARC Ref. : 2008R07EN
    • ISBN : 2-84060-208-3
  • CD-ROM of the PIARC Technical Committee on Management of Network Operations

    Road network operations combine a complex set of traffic management and user support actions to optimize traffic conditions in all circumstances. The knowledge in this area has been organized in the form of an electronic encyclopaedia that can be accessed on the PIARC website at: [...]

    • Date : 2008
    • PIARC Ref. : 2007R10EN
  • Management of the operator - Emergency teams interface in road tunnels

    The purpose of this report is to assist the owners, operators of tunnels and emergency services to coordinate their operations in order to improve the level of safety for users, staff members and emergency teams during serious tunnel fires and tunnel incidents. The first part presents the most relevant [...]

    • Date : 2008
    • Pages : 75
    • PIARC Ref. : 2008R03EN
    • ISBN : 2-84060-201-6

    Minimum Equipment Required CD-ROUTE can be used on PC (386 at least, Windows 3.1, 95 & NT) and Macintosh® (68020 at least), Power Mac®, Mac OS version 7. Minimum equipment required: 16 Mo RAM, a hard disk and a 14'' colour screen (256 colours or more). The program is very easy to install. [...]

    • Date : 2000
  • Integrated approach to road tunnel safety

    This report proposes an integrated approach to road tunnel safety, which has been developed in co-operation with the European research projects SafeT and UPTUN. General principles and current perspectives on road tunnel safety are summarised, including practical tunnel project experience. An international [...]

    • Date : 2007
    • Pages : 170
    • PIARC Ref. : 2007R07EN
    • ISBN : 2-84060-195-8
  • Guide for organizing, recruiting and training road tunnel operating staff

    This report has been produced by Working Group 1 (WG 1) "Tunnel Operation", for PIARC Technical Committee C3.3. Road Tunnel Operation. This report was developed through contributions from individual members of WG 1. The given recommendations have been reviewed by WG 1 and are commended to the reader [...]

    • Date : 2007
    • Pages : 123
    • PIARC Ref. : 2007R04EN
    • ISBN : 2-84060-193-1
  • ITS Manual - 2nd edition

    Following the success of the ITS Handbook 2000, the PIARC Technical Committee on Network Operations has completed a new and extended edition. This new edition takes into account the experience gained over the last years; it provides information about the status of implementation of ITS technologies [...]

    • Date : 2006
    • Pages : 450
    • PIARC Ref. : Manuel STI - 2e edition / ITS Handbook - 2nd editionEN
    • ISBN : 2-84060-188-5 Edition française / 1-58053-103-2 English version
  • Measures promoting alternatives to the road and intermodal terminals

    La croissance très importante du transport de marchandises par la route rend nécessaire la recherche d'une utilisation optimale des différents modes de transport dans une perspective de développement durable. Ce rapport présente les tendances et problèmes clés dans le transport intermodal. Il [...]

    • Date : 2007
    • Pages : 175
    • PIARC Ref. : 2007R02EN
    • ISBN : 2-84060-192-3
  • Systems and equipment for fire and smoke control in road tunnels

    This report complements the PIARC report published in 1999 "Fire and Smoke Control in Road Tunnels". After a presentation of the basic principles of smoke and heat progress at the beginning of a fire, the report presents the safety concepts for tunnel fires. It draws the lessons from the fires which [...]

    • Date : 2007
    • Pages : 344
    • PIARC Ref. : 05.16.BEN
    • ISBN : 2-84060-189-3
  • CD-1303 - Road Safety Manual

    This manual, written by experts of the World Road Association (PIARC), is a basic reference for all transportation engineers concerned about road safety problems. In more than 500 pages, the work presents, in an easy-to-read, easy-to-consult format, an up-to-date summary of the accumulated knowledge [...]

    • Date : 2003
    • Pages : 500
    • PIARC Ref. : 13.03.BEN
    • ISBN : 2-84060-158-3
  • Containment Devices on Road Bridges

    Drafted by the PIARC Technical Committee on Road Bridges, this report deals with the study of equipment on the outer side of road bridges, i.e. located between the carriageway and the free edge, whose function is to ensure safety of users and frontagers. The report has used the replies to a survey [...]

    • Date : 1991
    • Pages : 100
    • PIARC Ref. : 11.01.BEN
  • Fire and Smoke Control in Road Tunnels

    Among the possible risks, vehicle fires give rise to particular concern because they are not very rare events and their consequences might be far larger underground than in the open if no appropriate measures were taken. Also the important and continuous decrease in vehicle pollutant emissions has led [...]

    • Date : 1999
    • Pages : 290
    • PIARC Ref. : 05.05.BEN
    • ISBN : 2-84060-064-1
  • Good Practice for the Operation and Maintenance of Road Tunnels

    This report complements the report entitled "Reduction of operational cost of road tunnels" which was presented and published at the Kuala Lumpur Congress in 1999. Various aspects of the management and operation of tunnels are considered. A method for providing continuity of management of safety, throughout [...]

    • Date : 2004
    • Pages : 184
    • PIARC Ref. : 05.13.BEN
    • ISBN : 2-84060-175-3

    Compiled by the World Road Association (PIARC) Committee on Intelligent Transport, ITS Handbook 2000 provides a full review of operational tests and early deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) in various countries around the world. This unique reference delivers evaluation results and [...]

    • Date : 2000
    • Pages : 436
    • PIARC Ref. : 16.01.BEN
    • ISBN : 1-58053-103-2
  • Optimizing the Existing Interurban Road Network

    As part of the PIARC 2000-2003 work program, the Committee on Interurban Roads (C4) decided to discuss and investigate the links between the various measures available for optimising the existing interurban road network. The objective of the group is to establish the measures which work best to improve [...]

    • Date : 2003
    • Pages : 56
    • PIARC Ref. : 04.06.BEN
    • ISBN : 2-84060-142-7
  • Road Accidents: A Worldwide Problem that can be tackled with successfully!

    The anticipated growth of (motorized) mobility on a global scale will, without effective road safety management, lead to an increase in the number of fatal accidents and injured persons. An overview of prominent examples of effective measures is given. Also activities and measures which could lead to [...]

    • Date : 1996
    • Pages : 94
    • PIARC Ref. : 13.01.BEN
    • ISBN : 2-84060-041-2
  • Road Design and Traffic Operation Guidelines to aid the Older Motorists

    Studies show that the number and percentage of older people in general, and older drivers in particular, are growing rapidly. By the year 2025 people aged 60 and over are expected to account for about 24 percent of the European population, 22 percent of the Northern American population, and almost 14 [...]

    • Date : 1991
    • Pages : 68
    • PIARC Ref. : 10.03.BEN
  • Road Network Operations Handbook

    Historically, road authorities responded to increasing demand by adding capacity, building new roads or expanding the existing ones. With the high costs and constraints on building conventional infrastructure, maximising the effectiveness of existing systems, including capitalising on new technologies [...]

    • Date : 2003
    • Pages : 304
    • PIARC Ref. : 16.02.BEN
    • ISBN : 2-84060-145-1

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