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N° 372 — Governance of Multi-Modal Transport

1st Quarter 2017 / March

Contents of the issue N° 372of Routes/Roads Magazine


by Claude Van Rooten


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  • UPDATE The Phenomenon of Longitudinal Thermal Cracking: ... - M. Lavoie «Head Protection»: A Road Safety Experiment In Mali G. Tessougue Eight Years Sitting on the Executive Committee: an African Perspective - T. Idossou



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120 pages, bilingual French-English, distribution: 5,300 copies towards 142 countries.
PIARC President: Claude Van Rooten (Belgium)
Director of Publication: Patrick Malléjacq
Editor: Robin Sébille
Publishing Assistant: Cécile Jeanne
Translations: Marie Pastol (PIARC), Id2m, Isabelle Chemin, Isabelle Couté-Rodriguez, Robert Sachs
Printing: IMB (France) ; Diffusion: GIS (France)
Price of a single copy: 20 €
Subscription (4 issues a year): 60 €
ISSN : 0004-556 X

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