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PIARC (World Road Association), founded in 1909 and comprising 125 member governments from all over the world, is the global forum for exchange of knowledge and experience on roads, road transport policies and practices. With consultative status to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, the Association is contributing to a stable and sustainable global development of the road and transport sector.

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Term of the Road Dictionary

active andragogy

  • Language : PIARC Road Dictionary / English
  • Theme : Operations Transport Sustainable Transport
  • Definition : Andragogy which uses methods based on the following seven principles: - adults only inform and improve themselves if they are motivated to do so; - adults only educate themselves if they feel the need to do so; - adults' learning is hands-on and not through logical linking; - adults progress through real-life problem-solving; - adults memorize in a relaxed (non-academic) atmosphere; - adults appreciate variety (an idea put in different ways); - adults want to be guided and not judged (progress through interchange not a prescription). Note: active andragogy is key to providing a cultural standard able to mobilize collective intelligence.

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