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30 km/h zone

  • Language : PIARC Road Dictionary / English
  • Theme : Operations Traffic Traffic Management Policy
  • Definition : Zone designed for calmed-down traffic, at no more than 30 km/h having an appearance that differs substantially from that of a regular road and preferably indicated by an appropriate signal. Note: when establishing such zones, the enactment of some or all of the following measures may be considered: - creating visually distinctive “gates” at the entries to the zone; - establishment of a 30 km/h overall speed limit; - designing roads and adjacent areas in a manner that discourages speeding; - providing substantial areas in the zone for walking and for non-motorized traffic; - yielding right-of-way to traffic coming from the right (left in countries moving on left side); - diverting through traffic by providing bypass roads; - using various types of pavement instead of asphalt in order to make certain places conspicuous.
  • Synonyms : tempo 30 zone

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