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XIth International Winter Road Congress Proceedings - Sapporo 2002

Sapporo (Japan), January 28-31 2002

The XIth International Winter Road Congress was held in Sapporo (Japan), January 28-31, 2002, under the theme "New challenges for Winter Road Service”.

This congress saw an unprecedented scale in the number of participating countries, registrants, and of presented papers. It was the first International Winter Road Congress held in Asia in the history of PIARC.

  1. Proceedings of Sapporo 2002 Congress available online!
  2. Congress Proceedings on DVD
  3. Congress Topics - Sapporo 2002
  4. Slide show of the XI International Winter Road Congress

Proceedings of Sapporo 2002 Congress available online!

The Final Proceedings DVD of the XIth international Winter Road Congress is available as a dedicated website at the following address: https://proceedings-sapporo2002.piarc.org/

The XIth PIARC International Winter Road Congress held in Sapporo (Japan) has gathered together over 2600 participants from 61 countries and 232 exhibitors. The theme « New challenges for Winter Road Service » attracted 169 papers from 26 countries. This website presents the complete proceedings of this congress. It contains information about:

  • the congress,
  • the text of all the communications,
  • the reports from the special sessions,
  • the list of the participants and exhibitors,
  • and the Ice and Snow Data book.

Congress Proceedings on DVD

The World Road Association makes available the Proceedings of the Sapporo Congress on DVD:

Congress Topics - Sapporo 2002

"New challenges for Winter Road Service”

The XIth International Winter Road Congress in Sapporo was outstandingly successful owing to the perfect conduct of business at the meetings, the quality of the contributions and the number of participants: 2,300 people from 64 countries attended the Congress, and 76,600 people visited the exhibition. The program included 124 oral presentations, 45 poster sessions for a total of 164 papers from 26 countries organized under six themes.


  • Topic 1. Winter Road Policies and Strategies
  • Topic 2. Snow and Ice Management, and Its Costs
  • Topic 3. Winter Road Issues and Traffic Safety in Urban Areas
  • Topic 4. Environment and Energy
  • Topic 5. Telecommunication Technology
  • Topic 6. Development of Snow-Removal and Ice-Control Technology

Slide show of the XI International Winter Road Congress

  • Opening session

  • Sapporo dome

  • Michio SUZUKI, Chairman of the Japanese organizing committee for the Congress

  • Oral presentation session

  • Special session

  • Exhibition hall

  • Exhibition

  • Closing session

  • Maiko traditional dance