Publications Routes / Road assets management

This page lists Routes/Roads articles of the World Road Association in the field of road assets management. These publications are classified chronologically.

  • Maintenance Programming for Performance-based Contracts using the HDM-4

    In Mexico, performance-based contracts were first introduced in the mid 2000. They have largely been used for the rehabilitation of road sections, to ensure that certain standards are met and maintained throughout the lifetime of the contract. As a general rule, they also specify a minimum remaining life of the pavement subsequent to the conservation stage. This article describes these contracts.

  • ISO 55001 Certification - An example from the UK*

    The article will describe the background to that certification and the requirements of ISO 55001 for a service provider in such a highways environment will be discussed. The route taken in aligning practices and procedures to ISO 55001 will also be described along with some of the benefits of taking that approach.

  • Requirements for the Education of Road Asset Managers - A PIARC Approach*

    Asset Management is a relatively new discipline. It was only established at the beginning of this century. However, the foundations were laid as early as the 1980s and 1990s. They were the result of the efforts of experts from several countries and disciplines to develop a common concept and language with the aim of supporting organizations to creating value from the available asset.

  • Multi-Objective Approaches to Cross-Asset Resource Allocation in Transportation Asset Management

    A framework/methodology for performing trade-off analysis among competing infrastructure asset classes, which reflects both technical best practices and need of road organizations, was developed in the study illustrated in this article.

  • Development of Advanced Asset Management Systems for Japanese Expressways

    As at the end of 2018, the total length of the Japanese motorway network had reached approx. 9,500 km, with most road segments being operated and maintained by Nippon Expressway Companies (NEXCOs), which are divided into the country's Eastern, Central and Western regions. More than 60 years after inauguration of Japan's network first section (Meishin Expressway), today's pressing problem is how to maintain/rehabilitate such aging road infrastructure. This article describes Japanese innovative methods [...]

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