Technical Reports Winter Service

This page lists technical reports of PIARC in the field of winter service. These publications are classified chronologically.

  • Snow and Ice Databook 2014

    This fourth edition of the Snow and Ice Databook was produced to accompany the 14 th International Winter Road Congress held in Andorra. It compiles in a homogeneous and consistent format descriptions of practices for managing winter road conditions from nearly 30 countries. The four country-specific headings consist of: description based on geography, demographics and road network characteristics; potential climatological and meteorological phenomena; road management methods; and recent developments [...]

  • Impacts of changes in winter severity on winter maintenance

    Data from the past years indicate a significant evolution and change in temperature profiles, precipitation, and generally deviation from traditional seasonal cycles. For example snow events became more intense and sudden, and forecasts are getting more difficult. Based on Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) scenarios, analyses are made for some regions showing that some significant changes are to be expected, specifically for winter months. Impacts of these changes on winter maintenance [...]

  • Communication with road users in winter conditions

    This report is based on the answers to a survey from 25 countries or state agencies. It addresses the following sub-topics: informing road users about changeable road/traffic conditions; usage of on-road installed devices for informing road users bout changeable road/traffic conditions; individual inquiries of road users in order to get information about changeable road/traffic conditions; feedback from road users concerning road/traffic conditions; communication with road users [...]

  • Sustainable development and winter service

    In its first part, the report reviews and analyses some existing methods that integrate the sustainable development approach for road infrastructure projects or road services, in various countries. Based on this state-of the-art review, it is concluded that the descriptive checklist approach is found to be the most appropriate because of its flexibility to cope with the parameters that can be country dependent. A second part is dedicated to the identification of the main social, environmental [...]

  • A study of winter service management systems and road user information

    Winter Service Management Systems (WSMS) are a developing technology currently implemented in some countries with marginal and cold winter climates. The report examines the conditions for the successful development and implementation of such systems. It also deals with the issues of sharing information with other management systems, of vehicle data collection on the roads, and with possibilities of including forecasting and modelling in WSMS. The different topics are illustrated with case [...]

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