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This page lists publications (Routes/Roads articles, Congresses proceedings) of PIARC in the field of winter service. These publications are classified chronologically.

  • Safety Effects of Lower Speed Limits During Winter Months in Finland

    In Northern countries, accident risks are usually higher in winter than in summer. To tackle the problem winter maintenance has been intensified and systems developed to help drivers. However, safety benefits may be partly lost because drivers are tempted to travel faster in these improved conditions.

  • An Investigation of the Road Salt Phytoremediation Possibilities in France

    Between 800,000 and 2,000,000 tons of road salt are applied each year on the French roads. Due to weather conditions and traffic, they are transported out of the roads. Hence, large quantities end up either in the surrounding environment or in ponds used for road runoff remediation and flow control. However, these ponds are not designed for the treatment of salt, despite its adverse environmental impacts. After passing through the ponds, salt is then rejected into the environment. To diminish the [...]

  • Evaluating Countermeasures Against Heavy Snowfall Affecting Road Traffic in Japan

    This article evaluates socioeconomic losses relating to road traffic during major snowfalls, taking into consideration snow removal operations and timeline differences, and it checks the validity of the methods and timing of snow countermeasures currently being implemented. By doing so, it aims to help build a better snow removal system and to minimize losses due to major snowfalls.

  • Conclusions Drawn From the XVth International Winter Road Congress, Gdansk, February 20th-23rd, 2018

    The XVth International Winter Road Congress, which took place in Gdansk (Poland) February 20th through 23rd, 2018 at the Amber Expo Convention Center, attracted over 1,000 participants from 42 countries, in featuring the attendance of four Transport Ministers (from Poland, Japan, Lithuania and Montenegro) and many Directors of Roads. They were treated to a program of 139 oral presentations, 170 posters, 52 exhibitors and 21 of the world’s best snow plow drivers, who enjoyed a friendly and now [...]

  • A Technical Description of LARS and Lumi: Two Apparatus for Studying Tire-Pavement Interactions

    The controllability of a vehicle equipped with tires decreases under certain circumstances. One of these circumstances is in winter, where snow and ice affect tire-pavement interaction and thus friction. In such conditions, the control of the vehicle might be lost, which results in longer braking distances or unsafe steering. The presence of snow, ice, water, sand or chemicals makes the interaction between tire and pavement extremely complex. As interfacial property, the frictional phenomenon, depends [...]

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