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This page lists Routes/Roads articles of PIARC in the field of road assets management. These publications are classified chronologically.

  • Approaches to Resilience: Examples from the United States of America

    Transportation owners and operators are responsible for the delivery of a range of services and functions through the management of a multifaceted system of assets. These systems must be managed notwithstanding external threats, aging and deteriorating infrastructure, and fiscally constrained sustainable resources. Agencies are also moving towards performance-based planning and resource allocation while simultaneously recognizing risks that may undermine their strategic goals. With the passage of [...]

  • The City of Toronto Flood Resilience Strategy

    The City of Toronto, Canada and its metropolitan area is home to over 6 million people and is the largest City in Canada and the fourth largest city in North America. Toronto is somewhat surrounded by the Great Lakes which strongly influence the local climate which can cause significant rain events resulting in Flooding.

  • XXVI World Road Congress – Abu Dhabi, October 2019 Connecting Cultures, Enabling Economies - General Report

    The General Report of the XXVI World Road Congress has been prepared by GHD under contract with the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport, on behalf of the United Arab Emirates. It has not been possible to include the conclusions of all sessions in this report. They will be available from PIARC’s website.

  • Maintenance Programming for Performance-based Contracts using the HDM-4

    In Mexico, performance-based contracts were first introduced in the mid 2000. They have largely been used for the rehabilitation of road sections, to ensure that certain standards are met and maintained throughout the lifetime of the contract. As a general rule, they also specify a minimum remaining life of the pavement subsequent to the conservation stage. This article describes these contracts.

  • Advances in the Implementation of Road Asset Management in Chile

    Chile has a road network of 85,221 kilometres. It largely consists of interurban roads and some sections in urban areas of strategic interest. The network is administered by the Highways Office, apart from 3,000 kilometres which operate under private concessions. Management of the road assets (divided into 9 different categories) has become an essential task over the past decade, as mass use of the systems has increased, bolstering this strategic area of the Highways Office.

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