Technical Reports Road policies

This page lists technical reports of PIARC in the field of road policies. These publications are classified chronologically.

  • ITS Manual - 2nd edition

    Following the success of the ITS Handbook 2000, the PIARC Technical Committee on Network Operations has completed a new and extended edition. This new edition takes into account the experience gained over the last years; it provides information about the status of implementation of ITS technologies in 33 countries and presents 39 detailed case studies. The Handbook is an essential guide for transport professionals and others who are interested in exploiting the potential of these new technologies [...]

  • Survey of focused funding of environmental mitigation

    Concerns about environmental quality, social equity and economic vitality have converged to produce a growing interest in the concept of sustainable development. Efforts are being made all over the world to increase the sustainability of development patterns and road transport. In countries throughout the world particular attention is being paid to the critical roles played by both transportation and land use. Today, sustainable development is widely viewed as development that improves the standard [...]

  • Measures promoting alternatives to the road and intermodal terminals

    La croissance très importante du transport de marchandises par la route rend nécessaire la recherche d'une utilisation optimale des différents modes de transport dans une perspective de développement durable. Ce rapport présente les tendances et problèmes clés dans le transport intermodal. Il examine le rôle et les responsabilités des pouvoirs publics et politiques à l'égard de la promotion du transport intermodal. Il présente un ensemble de mesures gouvernementales prises tant au niveau [...]

  • Social and environmental approaches to sustainable transport infrastructures

    Based on a survey performed in different countries facing various economic development contexts and on case studies, this report studies: how is sustainable development dealt with in politics, planning, strategy and operation; what are the methods, targets and criteria used to assess sustainability; which social and environmental impacts are particularly paid attention to, in particular as regards natural and human habitat fragmentation; How environmental issues are included in road [...]

  • Cost Recovery and Dedication of Road User Fees

    Under the jurisdiction of PIARC Committee on Financing and Economic Evaluation (C9) an investigation was undertaken within PIARC member countries on the related topics of cost recovery of road user fees and the dedication of such fees to road or transportation purposes. The material that follows is separated by two distinct topics, Cost Recovery on the one hand, and Dedication of Road User Fees, on the other, and provides an overview of the investigation carried out by C9. A survey of the particular [...]

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