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Publications Routes/Roads policies

This page lists Routes/Roads articles of PIARC in the field of road policies. These publications are classified chronologically.

  • The first Latvian national road network (1918-1938)

    The 20 th century is particularly significant in Latvian history. During this period, unquestionable progress was made in the development of society. Major transformations took place in various fields. Initially it was a fight for survival, intertwined with an effort to preserve the Latvian nation as a community, as well as its culture. The three most significant dates of the 20 th century for Latvia were 1918, 1940 and 1991, marking the creation, destruction and renewal of an independent state. [...]

  • The 1920's as Mexico's road modernization decade

    Railroad technological progress and development in Mexico, under President Porfirio Díaz, was astonishing at the start of the 20 th century; this was in sharp contrast to the deplorable state of the road network. Diaz's policies, exacerbated by the civil war in Mexico(the Revolution war which ran from 1911 to 1921), led to a very poor quality of roads across Mexico.

  • Looking at Europe's extreme weather costs for transportation in 2040

    This article presents the EWENT (Extreme Weather impacts on European Networks of Transport) project's key results, though, the major concern of extreme weather impacts are still a safety issue.

  • Climate changes and investment strategies for existing road networks

    This article considers how the risks which climate change poses to infrastructure might be managed.

  • Norway: the successful establishment of a market for electric vehicles

    This article provides a national case study of the implementation of an electric vehicle strategy through an approach of fiscal incentives and public/private partnership.