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This page lists Routes/Roads articles of PIARC in the field of environment. These publications are classified chronologically.

  • Norwegian Scenic Routes

    Norwegian Scenic Routes provide experiences of spectacular views and panoramas of beautiful landscapes and unique nature, as do scenic routes elsewhere in the world. But the theme of the Norwegian Scenic Routes - modern architecture in magnificent scenery - is really one of a kind. And what architecture is placed in what scenery is no random choice.

  • Transportation Landscape Architects – Research for Landscape and Environmental Design in the Public Realm

    Landscape Architects have long history in the United States of participating in the planning and design of public spaces. From New York’s Central Park to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington D.C. the landscape architect’s perspective and sensibility has proven key to successful public space design. More recently, Landscape Architects are increasingly engaged in the planning and design of transportation systems, in particular streets, roads and highways, and have come to refer [...]

  • Roads and Landscape – A Growing and Captivating Concern

    Humans have been moving our bodies forward in thousands of years. All this time, the transport infrastructure has been an interplay between man and landscape. Paths were created according to the conditions and built-in restrictions of the landscape. The intersection of such paths stimulated trade and eventually these trade nodes formed our first cities. As part of the transport system’s infrastructure, roads are today one of society’s most important priorities. An ever-present element [...]

  • Development of Environment Friendly Cold Mix Asphalt

    Bagged cold asphalt repair materials (cold asphalt mixtures) are used for different purposes such as repair of potholes and bumps in pavements making paving work easy and storage stability high. However, because their strength development is slow compared to hot asphalt mixtures and durability is also poorer, cold asphalt mixtures have been mainly used for the temporary rehabilitation of lightly trafficked roads. Meanwhile, the recent years have seen efforts being made to improve the durability [...]

  • XXVI World Road Congress – Abu Dhabi, October 2019 Connecting Cultures, Enabling Economies - General Report

    The General Report of the XXVI World Road Congress has been prepared by GHD under contract with the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport, on behalf of the United Arab Emirates. It has not been possible to include the conclusions of all sessions in this report. They will be available from PIARC’s website.

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