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PIARC (World Road Association), founded in 1909 and comprising 125 member governments from all over the world, is the global forum for exchange of knowledge and experience on roads, road transport policies and practices. With consultative status to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, the Association is contributing to a stable and sustainable global development of the road and transport sector.

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Technical Reports Rural roads

This page lists technical reports of PIARC in the field of rural roads. These publications are classified chronologically.

  • Promoting sustainable maintenance of rural roads networks

    Rural roads are roads or improved trails whose main role is to ensure local exchanges, providing access to rural areas and access to the national or regional primary road network or to the interconnected network. Rural roads are key to development and economic growth of countries and provide considerable social benefits. Inadequate maintenance of rural roads results in reduced mobility; increased vehicle operating costs; increased number of accidents; increased death toll and related consequences; [...]

  • Practices on involvement of local community in rural roads

    A rural road network is a basic community asset which has tremendous bearing on socio-economic development of rural communities, therefore; involvement of communities is critical in projects or works aimed at providing rural accessibility. The report discusses the roles that a community can play in a development project. It analyzes the factors which might affect community participation and the steps for achieving participation. Examples are given of practices of community participation in different [...]

  • Best practices for the sustainable maintenance of rural roads in developing countries

    Regular maintenance of roads is critical to the economic vitality of a country. In particular, a focus on rural road maintenance is needed when planning and operating a large transport network, as they are often deemed less important than paved roads and highways. When rural roads are neglected, it can cause a detrimental imbalance, with negative effects on the socioeconomic development and political participation of rural populations. [...]