Technical Reports Road tunnel operations

This page lists technical reports of PIARC in the field of Road tunnel operations. These publications are classified chronologically.

  • Recommendations on management of maintenance and technical inspection of road tunnels

    This report aims at presenting best practice for technical inspections as well as for the maintenance of equipment in road tunnels ranging from electromechanical systems to communication systems and operational devices. The scope, goal and types of maintenance are defined in Chapter 1. Chapter 2 presents advantages and drawbacks of a maintenance strategy based on preventive actions versus one based on a corrective approach. After deciding on the strategy of maintenance, the tunnel operator has [...]

  • Life cycle aspects of electrical road tunnel equipment

    Electrical equipment costs have risen dramatically in the past years: more and more complex systems are being used in tunnels. Knowing life cycles of equipment helps to reduce maintenance costs and to improve safety. This report presents the results of an international survey (twenty-seven answers from ten countries) on how tunnel owners behave regarding system maintenance and component replacement. It provide information on average lifetime of the main systems and equipment. The report reviews [...]

  • Road tunnels: vehicle emissions and air demand for ventilation

    This report presents the data necessary for the design of the ventilation system for road tunnels in normal operation. It aims at defining the minimum quantity of fresh-air that is required to ensure adequate in-tunnel air quality and visibility thresholds. This report is a reference document for the design of tunnels and for monitoring the operation conditions. The report provides the values of admissible concentrations of toxic gases and particulate matter. It then presents the emission factors [...]

  • Recommendations regarding road tunnel drivers' training and information

    A follow-up on the report « Human Factors and safety from the view point of users » that was published in 2008 by the World Road Association, this new work by Technical Committee C4 - Road Tunnel Operations - aims at giving key information and instructions to drivers in order to enable them to adopt the adequate behavior in the 3 situations they can face when travelling through a tunnel : during normal situation, minor incident or major incident. After describing the experience of driving [...]

  • Road tunnels: operational strategies for emergency ventilation

    During normal operation, ventilation, whether natural or mechanical, is required to provide a clean air environment and to prevent the accumulation of pollutants. During emergency operation, ventilation is needed to influence the flow of smoke. Smoke control plays a key role to increase the chances of survival for tunnel users experiencing a fire, in particular during the self-rescue phase. After describing ventilation ant its essential role, the report provides a list of countries that have introduced [...]

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