Technical Reports Road tunnel operations

This page lists technical reports of PIARC in the field of Road tunnel operations. These publications are classified chronologically.

  • Improving safety in road tunnels through real-time communication with users

    This report is a continuation of the one published by PIARC in 2008 on "Human Factors and road tunnel safety regarding users". It addresses two specific points raised in the conclusion of the 2008 report: "It is most important that motorists understand how to behave in tunnels, in critical situation" "In case of fire, tunnel users should be alerted by at least two different channels of communication". This report describes human behavioural aspects when driving, and how to communicate [...]

  • Best practice for life cycle analysis for tunnel equipment

    Life Cycle or Life Cycle Cost (LCC) aspects are becoming more important. From an economic point of view, it is important to consider these aspects both in the design and in the operation of tunnel equipment. This best practice report is a natural follow-up to the former report on life cycle aspects of electrical road tunnel equipment [1]. An international survey was conducted in order to gain an insight to how tunnel owners behave today regarding life cycle analysis of technical equipment. 20 [...]

  • Risk evaluation, current practice for risk evaluation for road tunnels

    This report is intended to provide discussion on the various established strategies for the evaluation of the results of a risk analysis for the risk assessment of road tunnels. After a presentation of background information on risk evaluation, the principles of the different approaches, both qualitative and quantitative, are explained and discussed. Evaluation of quantitative approaches for societal risk forms the main focus of this report which considers evaluations against absolute or relative [...]

  • Best practice for road tunnel emergency exercises

    Emergency exercises are an integral part of the planning process of road tunnel safety. Drawing on international experience in this area, this report is in the form of a detailed guide for defining objectives, prepare, implement and evaluate an exercise in the most efficient and productive as possible. It also contains practical information on the resources and personnel required for the organization of an emergency exercise, on the costs and outcomes. For non-yet experienced emergency exercise [...]

  • Assessing and improving safety in existing road tunnels

    This report provides guidelines for a step-by-step process for the development of a safety upgrade programme for existing road tunnels, ensuring that the required safety levels are achieved. The report represents the work of PIARC Technical Committee C.4, Working group 2. A five step methodology is proposed for the development of safety upgrade works: Step 1: "establish a safety framework" to confirm or to prescribe the regulatory framework applicable to the existing tunnel in terms of safety. [...]

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