Technical Reports Road tunnel operations

This page lists technical reports of PIARC in the field of Road tunnel operations. These publications are classified chronologically.

  • Design fire characteristics for road tunnels

    Fire safety in tunnels depends on an amalgam of systems and procedures designed to achieve the best outcome in the event of an incident. The "Design Fire", defined in terms of its magnitude, growth rate and duration, provides a basis for sizing the required systems and anticipating the operational measures that need to be in place. In the case of new tunnels, it may influence the choice of tunnel configuration or the use of additional systems to mitigate consequences. A prescriptive approach [...]

  • Experience with Significant Incidents in Road Tunnels

    Approximately ten to fifteen years ago many countries introduced tunnel safety management systems and started paying attention to tunnel safety in a more structured way. PIARC report 2007R07 recommended an integrated approach to tunnel safety. As a result of this, many countries have gained experience with the application of various tools for tunnel safety management. Experience with tunnel incidents and methods for incident evaluation and risk analysis have led to developments in organisation [...]

  • Road tunnels: complex underground road networks

    Underground complex road networks are under development in the world due to the growing concentration of the population in large urban areas. The high occupation on the surface, the extension of the perimeter of the metropolises, the growing demand in travel and mobility, lead naturally and inevitably in the development of underground facilities. These developments raise many questions and PIARC wished to participate in this reflection. A first step is crossed with the publication of part A [...]

  • Lay bys and protection against lateral obstacles - Current practices in Europe

    Accidents which have occurred in tunnels have brought to light the danger that the perpendicular end-wall of lay-bys can present to road users in tunnels. Various European representatives of the PIARC Road Tunnel Operations Committee engaged in discussions on the topic of lay-bys and lateral obstacles in tunnels. A workshop was organized on this issue in 2013. This document is a follow-up to the discussions of the workshop. Chapters 1 to 7 present the individual position of each participating [...]

  • Fixed fire fighting systems in road tunnels: Current practices and recommendations

    Fixed Fire Fighting Systems (FFFS) have been routinely used in road tunnels in countries such as Japan and Australia for decades, and there is increased interest in the use of FFFS in parts of Europe, North America and Asia. Large fire events in road tunnels continue to show the consequences of such an event. These consequences can be to the users, the tunnel infrastructure, and the impact to the wider road network on society. This has maintained the pressure for further improvements to techniques [...]

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