Technical Reports Earthworks

This page lists technical reports of PIARC in the field of road earthworks. These publications are classified chronologically.

  • Vulnerability of Geotechnical Infrastructure to Climate Change and Adjustment Measures According to the Geographical Context

    The report identifies foreseeable damage and the measures to be taken in a geographical context where climatology and geomorphology are aggregated. Five climate trends are covered: increase of average temperatures; decrease of average precipitation; increase of winter precipitation; increased intensity of extreme precipitation; and increased storm severity. These five trends result in thirteen induced general phenomena, to which nine types of road damage are linked. The geomorphology approach [...]

  • Anticipating the impact of climate change on road earthworks

    Climate change and its consequences are one of the main preoccupations of the beginning of the 21 st century. The first part of the report presents, as an example, regional scenarios of the climate evolution for Quebec and Switzerland. The second part focuses on water: lack or excess of water and its state. It deals with the cases of embankments, natural slopes, rise of sea level, modifications of the permafrost, and the increase of the wind force. Various examples are presented in the third part. [...]

  • Indicators representative of the condition of geotechnical structures for road asset management

    The management of geotechnical assets of road infrastructure is a subject that is rarely investigated. The variability and the difficulty to predict long-term performances pose a challenge for planning maintenance. The report provides an overview of the state of practice. After a description of the architecture of management systems, it provides relevant performance indicators to evaluate the condition of geotechnical assets. Examples of implementation, the results of an international survey, [...]

  • Promoting optimal use of local materials

    This document aims to: • identify the progress made over the last decade with respect to soil and/or rock treatments in the area of road earthworks, and more specifically since the publication of PIARC's 1997 report: "Equipment and Methods Specific to Soil Treatment Work"; • look at developments in the use of local materials in building embankments, subgrade or other structures in certain countries and add to the information already provided in PIARC's reports: "Marginal Materials—State [...]

  • Landslides - Techniques of Evaluating Hazard

    This report discusses current techniques used to evaluate landslide hazard in three stages. Firstly, the landslide hazard of an area is evaluated by collecting existing data, field reconnaissance, etc. At several specified sites along a route, more detailed investigations are then conducted, such as geophysical exploration, borings and stability analyses. The results are used to evaluate the landslide hazard at the sites more precisely and to design works to prevent possible landslides. [...]

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