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PIARC (World Road Association), founded in 1909 and comprising 125 member governments from all over the world, is the global forum for exchange of knowledge and experience on roads, road transport policies and practices. With consultative status to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, the Association is contributing to a stable and sustainable global development of the road and transport sector.

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Technical Reports Earthworks

This page lists technical reports of PIARC in the field of road earthworks. These publications are classified chronologically.

  • Earthworks Manual - Genesis and Preamble

    The Earthworks Manual project was launched in 2012 by the Executive Committee of the PIARC Strategic Plan, which entrusted its preparation to Technical Committee 4.4 "Earthworks and unpaved roads". The Earthworks Manual is an important technical document for the profession and stakeholders in the field of activity. It is eagerly awaited by the experts from many countries who have contributed to its content. The Manual is organised in two parts: -   Part 1: General considerations -   Part [...]

  • Earthworks Manual – General considerations

    The Earthworks Manual is a collection of state of the art and good practice to inform readers about earthworks management. Part 1 is a summary of the different phases and associated topics to be considered in the Earthworks process for the construction of earth-structures. The definitions presented are an essential preliminary to provide a common basis for all member countries. The concepts dealt with here, are representative of the whole Earthworks activity, from design of the road infrastructure, [...]

  • Earthworks Manual - Specific technical developments

    The general considerations in Part 1 show in summary the earthworks process and the different phases of construction of earth-structures. The Part 2 develops the specific, transverse technical topics that are most relevant to our field. These topics are dealt with in depth in order to promote the sharing of knowledge of specific earthworks techniques and methods. They are based in particular on feedbacks and technical references resulting from previous PIARC work and also from more recent work, [...]

  • Earthworks Manual - Specific technical developments - 2B - Treatment of materials

    2B - Treatment of materials The Booklet 2B downloadable on this page deals with the treatment of materials. This technique is increasingly carried out to optimize the use of materials under economically advantageous conditions. For Earthworks, the process involves the treatment of natural soils and weak rocks, as well as recycled or artificial materials. The most developed techniques are: short-term soil improvement, applied in particular for excavated materials. medium- and long-term stabilisation, [...]

  • Earthworks Manual - Specific technical developments - 2A - Materials

    2A - Materials The optimal utilisation of materials, locally available on the site, of a road project is today a priority, both from an economic objective and an environmental objective contributing to sustainable development. Consequently, the identification and knowledge of the resources that materials constitute, are fundamental and require in-depth and high-performance studies. The materials used in the construction of earth-structures of a road infrastructure come from various sources. [...]