Technical Reports Urban Mobility

This page lists technical reports of PIARC in the field of urban mobility. These publications are classified chronologically.

  • Congestion in urban areas - Examples of counter-measures

    Congestion is a complex phenomenon, influenced by socioeconomic, technical, and human factors. The report examines twenty case studies and focuses on countermeasures against recurrent congestion on urban roads implemented in various cities. The countermeasures have been characterised by the nature/degree of congestion, the socioeconomic situation of individual regions and cities and the level of development within individual countries, etc. The study examines traffic and transport policies including [...]

  • Urban road tunnels - Recommendations to managers and operating bodies for design, management, operation and maintenance

    Urban road tunnels are unique in terms of traffic characteristics (high volume, congestion during commuter periods, wide variety of vehicles, high percentage of buses, etc.), infrastructural design, difficulty of closing and urban environment. Recommendations are presented to managers and operating bodies not only for the operation of existing tunnels but also for the design, management, operation and maintenance of urban road tunnels. The recommendations for existing tunnels are aimed at traffic [...]

  • Human powered transport

    This report, prepared by PIARC Technical Committee 2.3 « Urban Areas and Integrated Urban Transport » deals with the topic of human powered transport, which is often ignored or lacks appropriate recognition as a viable mode of transport. However, it is a very important mode of transport from the point of view of its significance and sustainability. The report focuses mainly on walking and cycling. A statistical analysis on these unmotorized modes of transport is presented, based on the results [...]

  • Sustainable transport in megacities

    This report, prepared by PIARC Technical Committee 2.3 « Urban Areas and Integrated Urban Transport », presents a study on sustainable transport in megacities, i.e. cities of more than 10 million inhabitants, with a focus on four cities, 2 in developed countries (Paris, Tokyo) and two in developing countries (Mexico, Mumbai). The report includes a description of the transport systems and how they are organized in each of the 4 cities, with an emphasis on the main features and trends.


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