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This page lists Routes/Roads articles of PIARC in the field of road network operations. These publications are classified chronologically.

  • Future Forward: Smart Highways as a Functional Class

    Smart highways use technology enabled resources and processes that facilitate active management and control across instrumented and connected roads. The present-day dynamic includes road operators, third-party service providers, and in-vehicle computer platforms working independently and collaboratively to provide for road user safety, efficiency, and reliability of travel. This article presents an evolutionary synopsis on smart highway operations and its purpose as an emerging road functional [...]

  • Smart Roads Classification

    This article is based on the PIARC Special Project “Smart Roads Classification” which was funded by PIARC with financial support from Spain, Belgium, Canada-Québec and the USA. The project was carried out by a team from the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV, Spain) with the support of PIARC General Secretariat and of an Oversight Team from different countries. The full Report can be found in the special projects section of PIARC’s website;

  • Road Works, an Opportunity to Create the Future While Improving the Present

    Many events have been unfolding around the world in short period of time, with diverse and interrelated consequences in practically all areas of social and economic life of countries. COVID-19 impacts on road and transport sector are extensively described in numerous PIARC webinars since March 2020 as well as in PIARC report 2020BN03ES [1] and despite issues faced, overwhelmingly road networks have performed well due to their capillarity, resilience and professionalism of their staff and managers. [...]

  • Disaster Management of Road Sector During Pandemic: Lessons Learned from Indonesia for Better Future

    Roads and land transport provide a significant contribution to Indonesia’s economic development and growth and provides social benefits. Roads provide access to employment, economic business facilities, health and education services and social activities. In addition, road networks are important in fighting against poverty. It is a vital hub for the country’s economy and for the communities in regional and urban areas of Indonesia. On the other hand, a road network plays an important function [...]

  • Emergency Communications At The Forth Bridges

    Scotland’s Forth Bridges provide a pertinent case study on the use of web media and social networks to manage emergencies on an important transport link.In June 2015 the Scottish Ministers, through their agency Transport Scotland, appointed a new Operating Company to take over the management and maintenance of the Forth Road Bridge. They chose to keep and evolve existing web-based communication channels in order to retain followers and capitalise on established trust and goodwill.

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