Technical Reports Freight transport

This page lists technical reports of PIARC in the field of freight transport. These publications are classified chronologically.

  • Truck-Traffic on Highways for Sustainable, Safer and Higher Energy Efficient Freight Transport

    This report presents research and findings on management and operation of truck traffic on highways and motorways for efficient and environmentally friendly, safer and energy efficient freight transport. There are increasing concerns about the issues related to freight transport on highways and motorways, including traffic congestion, lack of capacity, traffic safety, GHG (Green House Gas) emissions, local emissions, noise and vibrations. This report highlights innovative policy measures to cope [...]

  • Framework for Citywide Road Freight Transport Management

    The report entitled "Framework for citywide road freight transport management" of WG1, TC2.3 "Freight Transport" describes the research and findings about the frameworks for public sector road freight transport management (RFTM). RFTM is a key contributor to the sustainable development of urban areas, since good freight transport management supports the creation of efficient and environmentally friendly freight transport systems. The framework of RFTM is characterised by legal, institutional and [...]

  • Moving freight transport forward - Green, smart and efficient

    This study addresses the challenges associated with freight transportation efficiency, presenting and analysing a series of good practice examples that reveal efficient freight transportation systems. It should serve as a source of inspiration for making freight transportation more efficient from the perspective of economic, environmental and social sustainability. The concept of co-modality is central to this report and it is defined as the use of each transportation mode in its best configuration [...]

  • Intermodal freight terminals - Challenges and good practices

    This report has been prepared by the Technical Committee B.4 Freight Transport and Intermodality of the World Road Association (PIARC). The report is organized in four main chapters: Chapter 1 identifies key stakeholders and describes the different types and functions of terminals which interact in the transport of container cargo (seaport or maritime terminal, inland container terminals, barge and train terminals). Chapter 2 highlights the problems and challenges related to intermodal [...]

  • Guide to implement freight vehicle transport management

    This guide was prepared as an introduction to road freight transport management (RFTM) in an urban environment and to provide practical information. After a presentation of the objectives of R FTM, the report describes the different stages leading from the establishment of a partnership between the different stakeholders to the selection of measures. It deals also with the implementation of a pilot program and its evaluation. A set of case studies is presented from which lessons are learned. [...]

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