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This page lists Routes/Roads articles of PIARC in the field of freight transport. These publications are classified chronologically.

  • Introducing co-modality

    This article introduces the concept of co-modality, as, 'the efficient use of different modes on their own an in combination will result in an optimal and sustainable utilisation of resources'.

  • Evolution in size and weight of commercial freight vehicles

    This article describes some recent worldwide experience in relation to larger and heavier freight vehicles, and notes some of the challenges and pressures on policy makers.

  • Introductory Article

    In recent years, the focus of policy makers and transport planners has shifted from moving vehicles, to moving people and goods and seeking to moderate transport demand.With this shift has come a greater focus on optimising the use of the transport system, although this has often been on a modal basis or with a bias towards particular modes in order to maximise particular outcomes - for example economic or environmental. The concept of sustainable freight transport is a common theme of the freight [...]

  • Impacts from truck traffic on road infrastructure

    This article explores the impact of heavy vehicles in terms of the impact on road pavements (rutting and asphalt pavement wear) and structures. It concludes that the future challenge is reconciling the optimisation of road freight transport with an optimised road facility management strategy.

  • "Road design and road construction" Prize

    "Road design and road construction" Prize

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