Strategic Theme C - Safety

The goal of this Strategic Theme is to improve the safety and efficiency of road transport, including the movement of people and goods on the network, while effectively and widely promulgating knowledge of all aspects of road safety and encouraging implementation of positive practices. 

Technical Committees

Task Force


Roads play a fundamental part in providing safe access to education, welfare, leisure and employment opportunities. The Association’s Declaration of Support for the UN Decade of Action on Road Safety, signed in 2011, reflects the commitment to promoting improvements to road safety. The time and resources allocated to the production of a state-of-the-art Road Safety Manual is a tangible demonstration of the Association’s focus on improving road safety.

Technical Committee C.1 (National Road Safety Policies and Programs) will examine the policies and strategies underpinning safety investment decision making, strategies used to apply systematic road safety improvements to routes and networks. This work will be incorporated into the Road Safety Manual. This group will also pursue efforts to disseminate and support the application of measures recommended in the Road Safety Manual.

Technical Committee C.2 (Design and Operations of Safer Road Infrastructure) will focus on issues pertinent to vulnerable road users, driver distraction and fatigue, and how human factors should be considered in road design and operations. The work will be incorporated into the Road Safety Manual and also lead to Road Safety Audit guidelines take into account conditions in low and middle income countries.

Task Force TF C1 (Infrastructure Security) will forge links with relevant sectors to assemble knowledge pertaining to transportation security issues and their contribution to system resiliency.

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