Strategic Theme A - Management and Finance

The goal of this Strategic Theme is to encourage the development of policies and strategies that result in transport administrations that perform well, measure performance, and incorporate innovative financing mechanisms to meet the ever changing needs of the road transportation community.  It is intended to provide examples of good governance, performance management, evaluation methods, and showcase the efforts of transport administrations that consider and manage risk and incorporate knowledge transfer strategies between agencies operating at different levels of government. 

Technical Committees

Task Forces


The Strategic Theme for Management and Finance will include three (3) Technical Committees and two (2) Task Forces. Strategic Theme A brings together matters related to the policies and strategies that transport administrations develop and enact.

Funding limitations and competition for resources require that road administrations implement practices and tools to measure performance in support of investment and policy decisions. Measuring performance of road administrations reflects such new structures and increased stakeholder influence and media scrutiny increase the importance of good governance and effective anti-corruption measures remain of paramount importance. Technical Committee A.1 (Performance of Transport Administrations) will develop guidance on these issues based on the experience of member countries at different stages of development. 

Investment in roads can create substantial social and economic benefits and improvements to quality of life. Incorporating these benefits into the appraisal process is of great assistance to decision-makers in setting priorities for limited available resources. Technical Committee A.2 (Road Transport System Economics and Social Development) will investigate new developments in this arena alongside methods of ex-post project monitoring that will capture how results are used.

Risk assessment and management is fundamental to the undertakings of transport organizations. Technical Committee A.3 (Risk Management) will focus on the role of risk assessment and allocation at both the organizational and project-based levels.

As funding sources have not always kept pace with investment needs, road organizations have sought ways to identify innovative finance tools to facilitate project delivery. Tolls, user fees, and other project-based revenue sources, in combination with new finance mechanisms, can substantially increase governments' ability to deliver road projects. These issues are to be studied in Task Force A1 (Innovative Financing).

In many countries, effective management of the road network depends on a coordinated effort between national and local organizations. Active partnerships can be a conduit to deliver training and information that may not have otherwise be accessible to the full community of practitioners. Task Force A.2 (Coordination between National and Sub-National authorities) will look at successful practices at countries in different development stages.  

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