Strategic Theme D - Infrastructure

The goal of this Strategic Theme is to improve the quality and efficiency of road infrastructure through the effective management of assets in accordance with user expectations and government requirements.  

Technical Committees


While new technological, social, and environmental developments are expanding the sphere of interest for road authorities, management of road infrastructure remains their core business. The need for more efficient and effective use of budgets requires constant balancing of funds to road assets in terms of construction and maintenance. 

Assessing the budget level needed to provide optimal maintenance for road infrastructure and balancing the needs of multiple assets with budgetary constraints is an important part of the work of road administrations. This is reflected in the work of Technical Committee D.1 (Asset Management), which will also examine the issue of balancing these important engineering needs by upgrading a Web-based Asset Management Manual to support road administrations in the implementation of road asset management programs.

Technical Committee D.2 (Pavements) will investigate environmentally-friendly and sustainable paving solutions and materials. Non-destructive pavement monitoring and testing techniques will also be an area of study.

Complying with new codes and standards require thorough bridge design and inspection practices. Technical Committee D.3 (Bridges) will study these practices, will review repair and rehabilitation strategies, and will assess evaluation models to help determine reliability and safety.

In the field of rural roads and earthworks, Technical Committee D.4 (Rural Roads and Earthworks) will investigate road administrations response to adverse conditions as a result of climate change activities while considering the use of local, marginal, and secondary materials in rural and unpaved roads. 

The successful past work of the Association in the area of road tunnel operations will be built upon by Technical Committee D.5 (Road Tunnels Operations). It will study how sustainable road tunnel operations can be ensured, develop an improved understanding of safety management in the light of accidents and fires, and expand study of underground road networks. Much of the work will be incorporated into an updated Road Tunnels Manual. 

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