Strategic Theme E - Climate Change, Environment and Disasters

The goal of this Strategic Theme is to increase resiliency and protect investments in transportation infrastructure from impacts of climate change events while lessening the impact of road transportation on the environment.  

Technical Committees


After careful consideration and based on strong responses from First Delegates, the Association is elevating the treatment of Climate Change and Environmental issues to the Strategic Theme level. The creation of this new Strategic Theme offers an opportunity to increase the visibility of the Association’s work related to climate change and thus demonstrate its responsiveness to an issue of significant interest to the global transportation community.

Dealing with strategies for climate change adaptation to increase resiliency of road infrastructure are issues to be studied in Technical Committee E.1 (Adaptation Strategies/Resiliency)

The environmental impacts from transportation require that road organizations commit to reducing pollution by identifying effective reduction strategies and alternative mitigation policies and measures. Technical Committees E.2 (Environment Considerations in Road Projects and Operations) will address these issues. 

Technical Committee E.3 (Disaster Management) will study and disseminate information to support road administrations response to and recovery from large scale natural disasters, the consequences of which are significant. 

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