Editorial - Newsletter March 2021

Patrick Malléjacq
Secretary General of PIARC

PIARC seminars, conferences, workshops, webinars… are a great way to access and to share knowledge on roads and road transport. Several are presented in this newsletter.

The main one that we are working on currently is the XVI World Winter Service and Road Resilience Congress, scheduled for February 2022. It’s a very encouraging sign that we have received a large number of abstracts, on both themes of the Congress, Winter Service and Road Resilience. Many abstracts originate from countries that are traditionally very active in our Association, as expected, and we are very glad that 15% of these abstracts were submitted from low- and middle-income countries. This is really proof that our Congress will be relevant for all countries.

PIARC is also very happy to support two thematic conferences. SURF will focus on surface characteristics, and will take place in Milano (Italy) in September 2022. The Second PIARC International Conference on Road Tunnel Operations and Safety will take place in Granada (Spain) in October 2022. Among others, our relevant Technical Committees are contributing actively to the scientific committees of these conferences, including the calls for papers they organise.

Let me invite all of you to stay abreast of our next events, through this newsletter, our website or through our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts!

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