PIARC shows its gratitude to its members

2 October 2020

In recognition of outstanding services to the Association or of distinguished contributions to progress in matters relating to roads or road transport, PIARC appoints honorary members of the Association.

During the Executive Committee meeting held in Abu Dhabi on 3 October 2019 prior to the XXVIth World Road Congress, three new honorary members were appointed: Richard CHARPENTIER (Canada-Québec), Yolande DANIEL (France) and Friedrich ZOTTER (Austria).

2019 Honorary Members of the World Road Association


For several years, Mr. Charpentier has played a major role in consolidating linkages between Canada-Québec and PIARC. In addition to his position as General Manager of Major Road Projects in Québec City and Eastern Québec, he served as member of the PIARC Executive Committee (2017-2019), as Vice President of the Strategic Planning Commission (2017-2019) and as PIARC´s Second Delegate of Canada-Québec (2010-2019). He was also involved the organization of Québec's participation at three World Road Congresses and in the formation of Québec´s delegations to three International Winter Road Congresses. He was an active member of the Technical Committee on Winter Service (2000-2012). In addition, he distinguished himself by supporting several working groups within the same technical committee, including one in charge of updating the Snow and Ice Databook for the Québec Winter Road Congress in 2010.

Yolande DANIEL (France)

During her professional life, in addition to her work at various services of the French State, Mme Daniel has played an important role within PIARC´s French National Committee and PIARC for many years. She was the assistant to the President of the French National Committee and of the First Delegate until 2008, when she was appointed Deputy Secretary General of the French National Committee before becoming Secretary General in 2012. She has actively participated in the organization of the activities of the French National Committee, particularly in those directly involving PIARC. Since 1994, she has been a regular participant at six PIARC World Road Congresses and seven Winter Road Congresses, where she has been the main organizer of France´s pavilions.

Friedrich ZOTTER (Austria)

Since 1984, Mr. Friedrich Zotter has devoted a significant part of his professional life to the development and progress of the World Road Association. During these 35 years, he has supported the Association's activities by spreading its ideas and spirit. Special mention should be made of his numerous contributions to countless professional events involving the Association, such as World Road Congresses, national congresses, international seminars and Technical Committee meetings. He was chairing the Austrian PIARC National Committee until very recently. He was also appointed honorary member in recognition of the wide diversity of his activities and capabilities in the interest of PIARC, including the dissemination of road technologies, the organisation of events and the consistent communication of road topics.

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