Join the next webinar about COVID-19: lessons learned so far and way forward

29th July 2020

This webinar will wrap-up the series of PIARC Webinars on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on roads and road transport. It will share lessons and best practice that have been identified from our members across the globe, on topics such as road works, freight, management, finance, road safety, etc. It will also present PIARC’s planned actions.

Speakers and panelists include:

  • Oscar de Buen Richkarday, Past President of PIARC
  • Young Tae Kim, Secretary General of the International Transport Forum
  • Mª del Carmen Picón Cabrera, Spain, Chair of PIARC’s Strategic Planning Commission
  • Marie-Claude Petit, Canada, Chair of PIARC’s Communication Commission
  • Experts from the PIARC’s response team

This Webinar will take place in English. The presentations will be shared afterwards in French, Spanish and English.

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This webinar is free and open to all.

Detailed agenda

1. Patrick MALLEJACQ, Secretary general of PIARC – Presentation of the Webinar

2. Oscar DE BUEN RICHKARDAY (Mexico), Past President of PIARC – Introductory Speech

3. Young Tae KIM, Secretary General, International Transport Forum (ITF) – Keynote Speech

4. Christos XENOPHONTOS (USA) and Valentina GALASSO (Italy) – Success of the Webinar Program

5. Findings and Lessons learned so far: 

  • Jose Manuel BLANCO SEGARRA (Spain): management of roads during the crisis, business continuity
  • Valentina GALASSO (Italy): road operations, intelligent transport systems
  • Martin RUESCH (Switzerland): freight, border controls
  • Jonathan SPEAR (UAE): work force, health and safety
  • Caroline EVANS (Australia): passenger transport, resilience
  • Fabio PASQUALI (Italy): evolution of travel demand, economics

Christos XENOPHONTOS (USA) – Wrap up and Next steps 

7. Robin SEBILLE, Deputy Secretary general of PIARC – Questions and Answers

8. Mª del Carmen PICÓN CABRERA (Spain) and Marie-Claude PETIT (Canada) - Conclusion of the Webinar 

COVID-19 - PIARC's response

In an effort to share critical, near real-time information on actions taken by road and transport administrations during this crisis, PIARC is rapidly organizing a series of webinars for practitioners and experts to share their experience, knowledge, and some of the most effective responses to COVID-19. While current practices are not yet fully validated and what works in certain regions of the world may not be valid on a global scale, these shared experiences can be valuable tools in managing this crisis, where a good idea now could save lives, improve the resilience of the economy and employment, and minimize service disruptions now and in the future.

Further information:

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