Editorial - Newsletter June 2020

Patrick Malléjacq
Secretary General

Dear colleagues and friends,

The Strategic Plan is a document that guides PIARC's activities for a four-year period. Our 2020-2023 plan was approved in October 2019.

This important document has recently been updated to reflect the adjustments that had been proposed by our newly created Technical Committees and Task Forces. When the latter met for their kick-off meetings in Paris in January and February, they were able to review their terms of reference and their various objectives and milestones, and propose adjustments, if necessary. These proposals were then discussed internally, with high-level experts such as our Strategic Theme Coordinators and with the Strategic Plan Commission.

Indeed, PIARC is making a deliberate effort to adapt to today's rapidly changing environment by taking a more forward-looking approach to strategic planning. Flexibility is one of the key aspects that the Association's strategy emphasizes.

The next update is already in progress. We recently invited PIARC members to provide feedback for the next update of our work so that we can meet their needs as policy makers, practitioners and road experts. One particular topic that PIARC will be addressing is the COVID-19 crisis. We will continue to share ideas, experiences and information that road and transport administrations could use to make crucial strategic and operational decisions. We will also help our members to prepare for the "new normal", both in terms of the challenges to be met and the opportunities to be exploited.

Feel free to read our updated strategic plan and contact us.

Be careful!

Patrick Malléjacq

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