Discover PIARC's new Technical Advisors for the 2020 - 2023 cycle

March 2020

Technical Advisors are qualified road professionals, seconded by a country to the Association in order to enable the activities of its General Secretariat and to help provide services to its members. Technical Advisors seconded by Sweden, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Mexico and Poland are currently working at the General Secretariat, under the coordination of Miguel Caso Flórez, Technical Director (seconded by Spain).

This mechanism has proved very fruitful for the Association and for the professional development of the Technical Advisors themselves, and some previous Technical Advisors have developed very successful careers.

Below we present the Technical Advisors for the start of this new work cycle 2020 - 2023:

  • Verónica Arias Espejel

    Verónica Arias Espejel

    Verónica Arias Espejel is a civil engineer seconded by the Ministry of Communications and Transportation of Mexico. She has been PIARC’s technical advisor since 2016. She followed STE - Climate Change, Environment and Disasters and from now on, she will follow ST1 – Road Administration. Besides, she is part of the XXIII Directive Board of the Mexican National Committee and is one of the representatives of PIARC at the Council of Road Directors of Iberia and Ibero-America.

  • Aleksandra Cybulska

    Aleksandra Cybulska

    Aleksandra Cybulska is an experienced manager seconded by Polish Road Association. She started her work as Technical Advisor in July 2019.

    Her main task is support of PIARC in preparation of all types of events like seminars, conferences, workshops but also big events as World Road Congress and International Winter Road Congress. She deals also with new products of PIARC as webinars and on-line conferences.

  • Leejee Park

    Leejee Park is an experienced professional seconded by Korea Expressway Corporation in South Korea. She began her new position as a Technical Advisor at the General Secretariat of PIARC in February 2020. Her main task is to support the Technical Committees and Task Forces with the Strategic Theme 2 - Mobility and improve cooperation among PIARC, road-related organizations, and South Korea.

  • Sabine Rosemann

    Sabine Rosemann is a technical administrator, seconded to PIARC by BASt, the German Federal Highway Research Institute. She started to work as a part time Technical Adviser for the General Secretariat in January 2020.

    Sabine has a long-time professional experience working for various international operating corporations.

    Her key task is to support and assist the Technical Committees, the Task Force and the Coordinator of the Strategic Theme 4 - Resilient Infrastructure, as a connecting link to achieve their goals.

  • Anna-Karin Salmi


    Anna-Karin Salmi is an engineer seconded to PIARC General Secretariat from the Swedish Transport Administration, starting her position of Technical Advisor for Strategic Partnerships in September 2019. Her main task is to coordinate and facilitate collaborations and partnerships between PIARC and other international organizations and is the primary contact for these issues at the General Secretariat

  • Jun Takeuchi

    Jun Takeuchi

    Jun Takeuchi, a civil engineer employed by Central Nippon Expressway Company Limited from Japan, took up his new position as Technical Advisor at the General Secretariat in November 2019.

    His core task is to support Technical Committees and a Task Force on Strategic Theme 3 - Safety and Sustainability and the Winter Road Congress of PIARC. Besides, he works for the First Delegate and the National Committee in Japan and promotes the good relationship between PIARC and Japan.

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