Editorial - Newsletter January 2020

Patrick Malléjacq
Secretary General

Dear readers,

As presented further in this newsletter, PIARC is currently kick-starting its new work cycle, with more than 20 new Committees. They will tackle a range of topics covering finance, pavements, road safety, and many others.

The development of our new Strategic Plan involved several steps of consultation, in order to make sure that we were addressing issues that were relevant. Our First Delegates, National Committees and Technical bodies, especially from Low- and Middle-income countries, were invited to express their needs. Externally, we consulted with our Advisory group, and held a workshop and interviews with external stakeholders.

This has allowed PIARC to identify three key aspects: Quality and value-added outputs (Reflect a wide range of experiences in outputs; Continue implementing adequate review processes), Flexibility (Generation of more frequent outputs; Using Task Forces and Special Projects; Various possible outputs; Yearly update of the Plan) and Outreach (Greater emphasis on communicating its work; Cooperation with other organizations).

Our mission now is to deliver the quality outputs that are expected while being flexible, and to promote them actively. Stay tuned!


Patrick Malléjacq

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