PIARC launches its new Strategic Plan

22 January – 14 February 2020, Champs‐sur‐Marne (France)

PIARC launches its new Strategic Plan by organizing kick-off meetings for all its 22 Technical Committees and Task Forces. A thousand experts from about 140 countries will participate in the meetings in order to discuss how to organize their work for the next four-year cycle.

The new Strategic Plan covers years 2020 to 2023 and details the topics that the Association will focus on over the next cycle. At the technical level, PIARC organizes its efforts into four Strategic Themes: Road Administration; Mobility; Safety and Sustainability; and Resilient Infrastructure. This confirms the goal of the Association to remain a leading international forum for creating and disseminating knowledge in the road transport area.

Each Strategic Theme incorporates several Technical Committees and Task Forces, and all of them will meet during a three-day kick-off meeting in Paris, from 22 January to 14 February 2020.

Over the 2020 - 2023 cycle, special importance will be paid to the quality, value-added and timeliness of the outputs of the Association, with a renewed emphasis on dissemination of those products. Attention paid to low- and middle-income countries will remain an important consideration during the coming cycle. All Committees are indeed expected to organize two international seminars in low- and middle-income countries during the four-year cycle.

The main purpose of the kick off meetings is to discuss expected outputs, so as to initiate a prompt start to their work. Another goal will be to give the experts the opportunity to meet their working partners, with whom they will work closely for the next four years. Such contacts at personal level are indeed one of the strengths of the Association.

PIARC experts will be also able to get to know the PIARC General Secretariat staff, including the Technical Advisors who act as contact points between the Technical Committees and the General Secretariat.

The road to Calgary 2022 and Prague 2023

The next step for the Committees, on the way to the Calgary 2022 Congress and the next World Road Congress in Prague 2023, will be to finalize their work plan for the whole 4-year cycle to ensure efficient delivery of different outputs. These outputs are actually recognised references in the field of roads and road transport and will be presented during those two world-class events.

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