Editorial - Newsletter July 2019

Patrick Malléjacq

Secretary General

Dear readers,

The Association would like to welcome the incoming Strategic Theme Coordinators as well as the Chairs and Secretaries of its future Technical Committees and Task Forces. The latter will only start their work at the beginning of next year, and you may wonder: why we are making such anticipated appointments?

The reason is to be found in the strategic directions that our Members expect the Association to take. Indeed:

  • PIARC members have confirmed that ensuring good quality of the Association's outputs is essential. Those are values for which PIARC is recognized and respected. This also refers to our intentions to reflect a wide range of international experiences in its outputs and to avoid working in silos. (COUPER ICI)
  • At its most senior levels, the World Road Association has identified a need to keep up with the dynamism of the roads and road transport sectors and consequently to update its Strategic Plan throughout the work cycle. The Association has to be nimble and flexible enough to respond to key issues that might arise.
  • We intend to lighten the overall workload of our technical bodies, enabling their members to work to engage in more free-form discussion and thus identify emerging issues at their level.

These is why we want to involve the leaders of our next Strategic Plan right now. Their input as experts is helping us design detailed terms of reference in a way that reflects current knowledge and trends. Besides, since they will be at the forefront of its development and implementation, it is essential to develop their sense of ownership, so that they are comfortable with their own terms of reference.

If you want to know more about our next Plan of activities... I invite you to join us in Abu Dhabi for the 26th World Road Congress. More than 600 delegates have already registered, 20 Ministers are expected, 20 national pavilions have been booked, and we expect many more. The Congress will be a great opportunity to discover our own Strategic Plan for 2020 - 2023, and most importantly to interact with your peers from all over the world.



Patrick Malléjacq

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